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6 навыков, которым вы должны научиться, чтобы стать более успешными

A very important skill to learn, to acquire new knowledge, to get rid of bad habits, to develop. This process lasts a lifetime. Below are the skills that will help you improve performance, become more harmonious personality.

1. Learn to take a compliment.

You work very hard and a lot. You have honed your skills to perfection. You know, when did the job perfectly and quietly proud of yourself. But as soon as someone makes a compliment, you can't connect two words.

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89879As a child, a child is constantly told about the benefits of work. Parents, teachers, grandparents tirelessly tell various proverbs and sayings, talk about the benefits of teaching, that laziness is bad. However, the child grows up, goes to school, the time comes for the first test, but instead of getting ready for it, he just sits and watches TV, and the next day gets a deuce. It would seem that everyone understands that in order to become successful, one must either be born in a well-to-do family or work hard and improve oneself. But often during a session or a blockage at work a person just sits and does nothing.

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barA man should feel like a man. In addition to external successes and professionalism, he must also feel his heroism. Just a physical need to be a hero and a support. Why men often either work on wear, or lie on the couches. All this is the result of wrong relationships in families. And our beloved women are not to blame for this. They are simply not taught in schools how to be wives. Therefore, men, we ourselves have to think about themselves.

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6878979The history of modern Network and has not for a quarter of a century, but the technological revolution of the 90-ies so quickly implemented it in everyday life, it seems that it has always been, especially given the number of people who can not imagine without its existence.

Internet addiction, like any other addiction, doesn't require much time to distort the perception of the world, but irreversible cases are extremely rare and to restore the old forms of thought often enough to perform simple psychological adjustment the following examples.

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• Scientists from the University of Massachusetts conducted an interesting experiment, during which they found that people in a group photo ( with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.) is perceived as more attractive than in the photo where he is alone. The participants of the experiment were evaluated by women and men in the group photo above, than the same people cut from the overall scene a group photo. To exclude emotions, people who participated in the experiment, a group photo was assembled from individual photo.

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The brain has two hemispheres: the left one is responsible for the logic, the right one is working with the images. The left hemisphere works with consciousness, and the right hemisphere works with the subconscious. They can be trained to work together, but for most people, connections between the hemispheres are very badly developed.

Mankind is losing a lot. After all, the subconscious minds remember every second of life, recycles a huge amount of information and, like the left hemisphere, sends reports to the human brain.

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One of the most natural and common among the population fears: afraid of heights about 5% of all humanity. This means that any friends among the Russians there is someone who avoids panic to rise above the second floor.

In principle, the fear arises not because of the fact that the person is at a considerable distance from land, and because of his belief in the inability to control their own reflexes: you may feel dizzy, weakened hands and, as a consequence, inevitably fall into the abyss.

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Any person wishing to achieve success in life or business, just need to master one powerful psychological technique through which you can win the boundless confidence of the interlocutor. In life this form of behavior is often masked behind the words "honesty", "openness", "enthusiasm", "charm", etc. But in psychology this technique is treated as personal congruence and means the condition where a person is in complete harmony with themselves, with their ideas, worldview, underlying values.

In other words, You say what you feel, Express your thoughts, not because this position is comfortable to you, but because you really think so. All Your words and actions are real, coming from the soul.

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The complexes appear and re-appear based on fear Fear of the inability to cope with the problems, he is a defender, but if people can't cope with the fear that it flows into the complexes.

The complexes are different , fear of losing jobs, fear of homelessness – the fears, fears, fears...

Fears and complexes appear in the first place because of an unbalanced mind in the first place, when a person is balanced calm him many options, he is very flexible in responding to everything and feels like a fish in the water under any circumstances.

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The thought of public speaking can worry even the most confident professionals. But once you learn and master the basic techniques of public speaking skills, your hands will be a powerful tool to achieve marketing goals. The most important thing a marketer can adopt from the speaker's three elements of persuasion, which is discovered by Aristotle: credibility, emotion and logic. With them and begin:

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Physiognomic characteristics of each person can give his character and tell about its strong and weak sides of the personality. Want to quickly understand what the person in front of you? The look on his face and a look!



1. The asymmetry of the face indicates a good intellect and creativity. Such people tend to lack ambition, especially in women.

2. People with oblong face are careerism and love power. Such a person gives, at times, subtle manner, often in women.

3. Square face belongs to the natural born leaders and fighters. Such people can be stubborn and impatient and have a tendency to control others.

4. Oval face indicates a clear lack of ambition and modesty. When expressed terms, we can talk about the power of the spirit and love of extreme sports.

5. Triangular face shape indicates a nature restless, self-absorption. But it can also be evil and ruthless man, especially when prominent chin.

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1. Psychology is a science that knows all about the man and his soul, and psychologist who have mastered this science, man, "seeing through people".

2. Psychologist — a man, by nature endowed with special abilities to communicate with others and understanding others.

3. Psychologist — a person who is able to control the behavior, feelings, thoughts of others, this specially trained and knows the proper techniques (e.g., hypnosis).

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Man is imperfect, therefore seeks to find the only right way. And this path – road to the sun, when thoughts like the water of the cold clean spring, when mental force is able to deploy the Ground when physical forces are not to think of endurance, conquering life and feelings, like the rays of the sun, sparkling spring waters, warm and fill the mind with purity higher enjoyment and meaning.

So, a person, a traveler under the watchful eye of the sky, finds its narrow path, which is in process of perfection of the soul expands and gives the heart comfort in thinking about their own purpose and usefulness to the world.

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If you feel in your life shortage of funds — it means that you are making a common to ordinary human error. And the error lies in the fact that the person constantly thinks and speaks about what he has and what lacks. We concentrate all our attention tends to multiply.

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Engaged in unloved business, we allow one of the biggest mistakes – bury your talents, the benefits that could bring to society, and lose the lion's share of happiness in life.

In this article we reveal the main reasons why you should not put your life on the altar of unloved work!

1. Miss the opportunity to realize themselves.

Each person is differently gifted. Yes, each! Any one of us has a unique combination of skills and abilities as obtained with the genes or acquired during life. And it is this combination allows us to perform certain activities better than others. Interests and Hobbies often indicate the area in which people can realize their potential. The problem is that we do not take these areas seriously. Moreover, we continue to do things, where obviously not going to create anything outstanding.

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To get rid of such an addiction, like Smoking, is not enough to glue every day nicotine patches and to visit a doctor, it is also important to work with the problem on a psychological level. To quit Smoking, psychologists recommend:

Correctly identify the objective

First, it is important to define the purpose, it should be formulated specifically determined in time and be important to you. To quit Smoking just because it is harmful to health or not fashionable, is unlikely to succeed.

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In the era of new and progressive technologies, the mobile phone is not something incredible, as it was only 8-10 years ago.

Despite the fact that modern gadgets are equipped with huge quantity of various programs and settings, their primary function (communication) has not lost its relevance. The use of sms services today is on the first place among other possibilities provided to us by mobile operators and makers of phones.

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For the modern man work plays an increasingly important role in his life. Everyone is trying to realize themselves in their work, to reach certain heights and respect in the team. For us it is important the opinion of colleagues, even when they come home it is impossible to cool off from the office battles, again and again thinking of the past day and today I was aware of the gossip of the staff and well, they didn't affect me and my personal life.

Have they forgotten about that story, as I did not notice the Secretary Anya, found out on the phone with her husband, and now the whole office know about my humiliating divorce and division of property. Of course, it was presented in more beautiful colors than there really is, and the farther it spread, the less like the original version.

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Many times we have read and heard about how dangerous selfishness. Often selfishness and his "younger brother" egocentrism contact you directly, and stated that dangerous both. In his article "What is mysticism" Professor Livraga writes: "Egoism and its exoteric (external) the shadow — self-centeredness — has always been a stumbling block in the way of physical, mental, mental and spiritual development..."

It becomes clear that the harmful as the selfishness and self-centeredness. But we would like to take another look at this problem and try to more deeply understand what is the difference between one and another concept.

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She has different facets. This universal Harry Potter in the hands of adults in the metro. This belief in "good king" who will come and judge all - when people are big, strong, waiting for someone stronger and more resolute, who have coped with their problems. It's simply the reluctance to make their own decisions, leaving everything as it is.

Jung called people's condition in the beginning of XX century "immensely overgrown and swollen kindergarten".

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Regarding the causes of insecurity there are several complementary explanations. The simplest explanation follows from the theory of "learning on models" by albert Bandura. In accordance with this theory, a new repertoire of skills aggressive, confident or insecure behavior arises as a result of imitation, copying the child of those behaviors it has the opportunity to observe around.

Parents, relatives, friends serve as "models" to be copied.

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We program, and it must be admitted.

Our brain in this sense is similar to the mechanism, and its reaction it is possible to predict and predetermine. Knowing the peculiarities of our brain, you can "tell" us what products to buy, whom to accept as the authority, where to work, etc. It annoys, frightens, Angers, as well as the 25th frame advertising inserted in the movie, the frame that we are not aware of, but which forces us to take certain actions.

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Just one look and a simple gesture — an outstretched towards the hand much louder than words.
Just one look...

Glitter in their eyes, their mobility, size of the pupils, the position and shape of eyelids, direction of view — all that we denoted by the term "expression" is important for the Supervisory person. For example, if the interviewee in response to your question begins to look up, "the ceiling", it is necessary to be alert: he's probably just to indulge in fantasy, and maybe just lie. But look down and away more credible. This is a sign that the person is trying to remember something or that the topic of conversation has caused deep feelings.

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Fear is an innate response caused by the environment. The light we appear almost devoid of fears. The only fear that belongs to kids — a fear of falling from great heights and fear of loud noises. All other fears appear later as a reaction to any events. And the main center of them all is the conviction that we do not have the skills to cope with your life.

Every person should be able to overcome fears, otherwise he will not be able to get in his life to any, even the smallest height, not to mention to achieve success or realize their dreams. There are many techniques how to overcome the fear. Below I give a description of the five very powerful ways where, to put into practice, everyone will be able to defeat any fear.

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Depression is a mental disorder characterized by depressive triad: depressed mood, loss of ability to experience pleasure (anhedonia), impaired thinking (negative judgments, pessimistic view of the situation, etc.) and motor retardation. When depression is reduced self-esteem, there is a loss of interest in life and usual activities. In some cases, a person suffering from it, may begin to abuse alcohol or other psychotropic substances.

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1. Feeling of regret towards yourself

Poverty-minded people feel sorry for themselves and believe that being rich is not destined for them. Someone pities herself for being born as a woman (because men have more opportunities), someone feels sorry for the full figure (because slender people get better jobs), someone mourns their growth, nationality, skin color, the religion of their ancestors, some people feel sorry for having not yet married and got married, others are crying because of the ring on the ring finger or because of the stamp on the divorce, Young people see the source of problems in inexperience, the elderly - at their age.

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Every person in this world is dependent on something. Dependence can be forced, necessary. For example, from the air. And can be invented, pathological. In relationships, dependence can be manifested as the parties of one partner. And can be mutual. And this does not necessarily apply to the relationship of a man and a woman. Dependence can be from parents, children, friends, etc. In such relationships, partners are often jealous, not only to a third party, but also to the kind of activity of another person. Do not allow interference in their relationship, do not listen to anyone's advice. They prefer to communicate and spend time only with each other, and can even feel a sense of rage, if this pastime is disturbed by something or someone. Emotionally dependent people see the whole meaning of their existence in only one person. Do not pay attention to its shortcomings, live only by its interests. If there is a communication with someone else, the topic of the conversation is mainly an object of emotional attachment. The dependent person seems to cease to live his own life and entrusts his existence to another person. Deprives himself of all kinds of independence. Possible separation, no matter for a time or forever, like death. It is fraught with the appearance of depression, anguish, boredom. And this is not good.

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Procrastination is a common problem faced by many people today. You are always carrying important things to do tomorrow? Therefore, it is necessary to engage in its character. Of course, online games are quite fascinating pastime, but it is better to devote their free time more useful.

If you have very important things to do, then immediately start to deal with them. To find the strength to start the job, think about what you will lose if they do not follow. For example, the rejection of learning a foreign language will lead to the fact that you will not higher position. It is also important to find incentive. This can be a person who has achieved in life more than you.

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Are you sure that the other person is deceiving you? But is it really? How liars give themselves and why not be 100% attributed fraud to those?

Each person faces every day with lies. You probably had to feel cheated, Yes, indeed, and to lie quite often.

It happens when you feel that the person telling you is not true. But how does one know? Below is ajar veil of secrecy according to the discernment of a liar.

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You feel bad and don't want to, and your life seems monotonous and boring. If depression is caused due to some problems, then immediately understand what to do, but often apathy can occur without causes. Everything seems to be fine, all healthy and life goes on as usual, but something is eating you and do not allow to enjoy each new day. What can you advise in this case?

First, take care of old things and order in the house. Clutter and unnecessary things are oppressive factors, so disassemble your cupboards, throw or give something that you do not need an old or uncomfortable clothes, shoes, cracked dishes, delayed things you will not going to fix, and those things that do not please you or tired.