About psychology

A subject is a category denoting some integrity, isolated from the world of objects in the process of human activity and cognition. One and the same object can be the subject of various types of research.

In sociology, a subobject means a certain reality that does not depend on the researcher. And under the subject - the properties, sides, relationships and processes of a given reality, allocated for a purposeful study.

The delineation of the object and the object was planned by Immanul Kant.

There are many different classifications of Sciences, most of them psychology occupies an intermediate position between multiple categories. This is due to the wide range of issues addressed by psychology and the methods that are used. On the one hand, psychology is a natural science that actively use experimental techniques in the proof and refutation of hypotheses. Many conventional methods of statistical calculations was initially developed by psychologists (see works H Spearman, L. Thurstone). On the other hand, in the writings of representatives of humanistic psychologisation there are no measurements, calculations and experiments, the work of this school can be safely attributed to the humanitarian knowledge.

Psychology as a science includes the following sections:

•General psychology


•Differential psychology

•Gender psychology

•Cognitive psychology

•Virtual psychology

Psychologist - helps to cope with experiences, to overcome their complexes, to learn to confront life's challenges. The scope of the psychologist includes behavioral therapy, the establishment of relations among various groups of people (family, work team). A psychologist helps to achieve harmony in the relationship with the surrounding world and with himself.