Psychologist - helps to cope with experiences, to overcome their complexes, to learn to confront life's challenges. The scope of the psychologist includes behavioral therapy, the establishment of relations among various groups of people (family, work team). A psychologist helps to achieve harmony in the relationship with the surrounding world and with himself.

Something or other formal right to call themselves psychologists, have people received education the following forms and levels:

§ specialist (5 years of study full-time or 6 years saucem or evening classes; 3.5 years of study, subject to the availability of other higher education (second degree));

§ bachelor(4 years of apprenticeship, or 5 years, evening or correspondence Department);

§ master's degree(a bachelor or specialist, and 2 years additional training);

§ PhD or doctor of psychology;

§ professional retraining (nine-month course).