There are many different classifications of Sciences, most of them psychology occupies an intermediate position between multiple categories. This is due to the wide range of issues addressed by psychology and the methods that are used. On the one hand, psychology is a natural science that actively use experimental techniques in the proof and refutation of hypotheses. Many conventional methods of statistical calculations was initially developed by psychologists (see works H Spearman, L. Thurstone). On the other hand, in the writings of representatives of humanistic psychologisation there are no measurements, calculations and experiments, the work of this school can be safely attributed to the humanitarian knowledge.


Modern psychology is at the crossroads of several Sciences. It occupies an intermediate position between the social Sciences, on one side, natural on the other, technical – with the third. The proximity of these Sciences, even the presence of industries jointly developed with some of them in no way detracts from its independence. In all its fields of psychology retains its subject of study, its theoretical principles, its own ways of studying this subject. As for the diversity of psychological problems, so important not only for psychology but also for related Sciences, it is because the focus of psychologists is always man – the main protagonist of world progress. All Sciences and branches of knowledge have meaning and significance only in connection the service person, his arm, spread them emerge and develop as a human theory and practice. In a further development of psychological knowledge is understood as the absolute expansion of relations of psychology with related Sciences, while maintaining its independent subject of study.