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You feel bad and don't want to, and your life seems monotonous and boring. If depression is caused due to some problems, then immediately understand what to do, but often apathy can occur without causes. Everything seems to be fine, all healthy and life goes on as usual, but something is eating you and do not allow to enjoy each new day. What can you advise in this case?

First, take care of old things and order in the house. Clutter and unnecessary things are oppressive factors, so disassemble your cupboards, throw or give something that you do not need an old or uncomfortable clothes, shoes, cracked dishes, delayed things you will not going to fix, and those things that do not please you or tired.

Secondly, make adjustments to the circle. Some people charge us with positive emotions, while others only gloom and melancholy. Try to communicate only with those of the conversation with whom you get moral satisfaction, and people with pessimistic views at least temporarily round. There are also people who communicated with whom you have the feeling that you are a loser, but it is not so, you just happened to communicate with a self-centered person. Believe me, without the negatives live will be much easier.

If you have apathy for no reason...

Third, do not "exist" at work, and a full "live". We can't always boast that they love our work, and if it does not bring happiness, soon turns into the expectation of the care home, output and wages. And in this expectation begins to seem that life is flying by and nothing. To change this, create yourself at work, a comfortable environment, make the most hated things in the morning, not do several things at once, take frequent breaks, communicate and grow.

Fourth, add to your life something new. Discover, watch films, read, go to theatre, socialize with new people. Be sure to set goals and strive to embody them, find a fascinating hobby, do something that you have not solved, or something completely uncharacteristic for you.

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