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Are you sure that the other person is deceiving you? But is it really? How liars give themselves and why not be 100% attributed fraud to those?

Each person faces every day with lies. You probably had to feel cheated, Yes, indeed, and to lie quite often.

It happens when you feel that the person telling you is not true. But how does one know? Below is ajar veil of secrecy according to the discernment of a liar.


First of all, you need to define the word “lie.” What is it and what it eats? So, according to the dictionary Ozhegova: “a lie is a deliberate distortion of the truth, a lie, a deceit”. In another source, the interpretation of the lie are almost identical: “a lie — a statement certainly does not correspond to the truth and expressed in such a way deliberately.”

In sum, it turns out that a lie implies deliberate misrepresentation by one person of another. Ie if you take someone who argues that he, for example, giraffe and he truly believes, he will not be a liar.

It is worth noting that people tend not to call silence a lie. Almost everyone accepts the lie, just saying, being inconsistent with the truth. But the default is one type of lie.

The approximate definition of the word we have given, now let's cut to the chase. How to spot a lie?

1.Panic. Excitement. Confusion. Often, this gives the person speaking the lie. On this principle, for example, built a lie detector. Especially panic man produces when he is not prepared to answer. However, people do not always panic or show their confusion: it may be that people will hide their lies behind the emotions (in most cases positive).

2.It. Before you tell a lie, a person is considering every word, every detail. And that's what people say all too much, puts everything on the shelves, although you could do with just a few words, may suggest that this person is lying. Also about the lies may show the most common reservations that people inadvertently give themselves away. It liars have usually confusing and wordy.

3.Pause. When a person makes too many breaks or they are too long, when he often repeats itself, and if you find this man's speech errors (especially if they did not have before), then most likely this person is lying.

4.Facial expressions. Most likely the eyes of a liar will run (with rare exceptions, when a person looks on the contrary gaze at you), albeit rarely, but you may notice a discrepancy between facial expression and speech. If you know the person well, the lie will be easier to determine, as if this person will speak the truth, to notice the uncharacteristic expression easier.

5.Hands. Gestures. To give the liar may not coincide with the speech gestures. If the person covers his mouth with his hand, or often just touches the face, then maybe he too is a liar.

It is worth noting that there are people who tend to this manner of behavior in everyday life, what others will perceive the lie. So if you notice some signs of a cheating companion, do not rush immediately to record it in liars. First, make sure that this manner of behavior is not casual and it is quite natural for him. Remember, not all liars give themselves away, and some people who speak the truth, can behave like liars!

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