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Every person in this world is dependent on something. Dependence can be forced, necessary. For example, from the air. And can be invented, pathological. In relationships, dependence can be manifested as the parties of one partner. And can be mutual. And this does not necessarily apply to the relationship of a man and a woman. Dependence can be from parents, children, friends, etc. In such relationships, partners are often jealous, not only to a third party, but also to the kind of activity of another person. Do not allow interference in their relationship, do not listen to anyone's advice. They prefer to communicate and spend time only with each other, and can even feel a sense of rage, if this pastime is disturbed by something or someone. Emotionally dependent people see the whole meaning of their existence in only one person. Do not pay attention to its shortcomings, live only by its interests. If there is a communication with someone else, the topic of the conversation is mainly an object of emotional attachment. The dependent person seems to cease to live his own life and entrusts his existence to another person. Deprives himself of all kinds of independence. Possible separation, no matter for a time or forever, like death. It is fraught with the appearance of depression, anguish, boredom. And this is not good.

Such relationships can not be called healthy. In normal human relations, freedom and trust must necessarily be present. In the life of a person or a couple must necessarily be other people. They are relatives, colleagues, friends. Everyone should strive for their own realization in this life. Dependent relationships deprive people of this opportunity. Own relationships should always be analyzed, and most importantly, be honest with yourself. If, in such an analysis, symptoms of dependence are identified, one must begin to act and save relationships and one's personality.

Help in the fight against dependence can advice of psychologists. And the very first thing to do is try to give freedom to yourself and your partner. Every person should have a time when he will belong only to himself and only deal with his personal growth. It is necessary to find for yourself an interesting lesson, go on a trip, learn to be responsible for yourself and your life. Yes, at first it will be hard. A state of depression may occur. But we must remember that all bad things come to an end and everything will be well ahead!

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