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1. Feeling of regret towards yourself

Poverty-minded people feel sorry for themselves and believe that being rich is not destined for them. Someone pities herself for being born as a woman (because men have more opportunities), someone feels sorry for the full figure (because slender people get better jobs), someone mourns their growth, nationality, skin color, the religion of their ancestors, some people feel sorry for having not yet married and got married, others are crying because of the ring on the ring finger or because of the stamp on the divorce, Young people see the source of problems in inexperience, the elderly - at their age.

Do you think that if a person regrets himself for some unimportant fact and focuses on it for days on end, how will the people around him behave? Pity yourself is a great way to find a multi-ton anchor that will stop you on the path of personal development and ensure eternal poverty. Pity yourself is the best method of finding a low-paying job and finding a miserable existence.

2. Greed

A constant search for a price tag with the inscription "Discount" and a store with the banner "Sale", the unwillingness to pay for the good education of your children (because no one helped you), the desire to make employees of their own company work as much as possible for as little money as possible Signs that the second habit of poor people in you already is. The desire for total saving is not a sign of wisdom, but an indicator that you are experiencing an imbalance of income and expenses and approach it from the wrong side. A person programmed for wealth is ready to pay for things their real value and generously reward the work of their assistants - and expect the same from others.

3. Doing business that you hate

Ivan can not stand walking with a dog, but is lazy to build a cage for her. Sergei Petrovich is infuriated by the need to compile a quarterly report, but none of his deputies are able to do it. Lisa despises the work of the auditor, but only so can she pay for the loan that she took to buy the car last summer. All these people are ready for failure and poverty - the reason they have the feeling that they need to do unpleasant things. The key to salvation from the poor man's third habit is not doing what is needed, but doing what is most satisfying. Only in this area you will achieve great results!

4. Measuring success with money

The poor man is sure that only having a certain amount of money can bring him joy. Only a certain amount on the account in the bank can give him the opportunity to feel happiness thanks to designer clothes, a beautiful mansion, travel, independence from a husband or parents or leaving work. But practice shows that happiness does not come. A successful person measures happiness in units that are more significant than dollars, rubles or yuan. In what exactly - everyone decides for himself.

5. Spending more money than you can afford

Credit cards and smiling employees of banks will gladly help you find yourself in a debt hole. After all, a person who does not want to become successful does not want to understand the difference between a useful loan taken for the development of his own business and a disastrous loan for the purchase of a luxury foreign car or a huge mansion.

6. Choice of instant profit

The desire to get immediately and to the maximum is a perennial property of poor people. They are not able to understand that, when taking a job with an average salary in a solid company, you can have a lot more in a few years than if you only pay attention to how much you will receive in a month. Ready-to-fail students say that the institution only takes away from them the time, which could be spent on "pecking money".

7. Whine

Life is hard? Simply awful? Around discrimination, corruption, rudeness, crime - for you, a normal person, there is no way to success? Every potential loser agrees with this. The vaccine from this habit is creativity. Find unique opportunities to fight the vices of the external environment, come out victor from the initially unprofitable situation for you!

8. Comparing yourself with others

Petya thinks that he is better than his classmates, because the only one who graduated from the eighth grade is "excellent." Vasya is sure that he is worse than all his friends, because the only one does not work on the summer holidays.) Roma despises his brother, because he does not yet have Lexus, which Roman bought yesterday, and Lena wants to strangle her girlfriend, because she has more admirers.All of these people are well developed eighth habit of failure - the desire to compare themselves with others.Think whether this habit is necessary for you or better not to allow that, what The outside world takes control of the internal?

9. Measuring the wealth of money

Truly rich people not only broke the connection between happiness and money signs (having got rid of the fourth habit of the poor), but also crossed out the sign of equality between the size of the account and the notion of wealth. Real wealth is the ability to attract money, create them from scratch, organize new types of business - and then you are not afraid of tax with the gene. Prosecutors, no robberies or stolen credit card numbers. A truly successful person does not depend on the volume of his own bag of gold.

10. Isolating yourself from your own family

Magnificent losers are obtained from those who move away from their own family, explaining this by the unwillingness of its members to support them in a difficult moment, to lend money, to understand, to share beliefs and the like. They do not understand that the family is a great source of internal support, which you can turn to when there is nothing left in all other spheres of life. Only the love of loved ones can help to rise from their knees, when there is no hope - and then true greatness is achieved.

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