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Depression is a mental disorder characterized by depressive triad: depressed mood, loss of ability to experience pleasure (anhedonia), impaired thinking (negative judgments, pessimistic view of the situation, etc.) and motor retardation. When depression is reduced self-esteem, there is a loss of interest in life and usual activities. In some cases, a person suffering from it, may begin to abuse alcohol or other psychotropic substances.

Usually, the following criteria are used to diagnose depression:

• Depressive mood (dull or irritable) throughout the day

• a pronounced decrease in interest in everything (apathy)

• loss of appetite or a sharp increase (especially in the evening hours)

• insomnia or increased drowsiness

• lack or decrease in energy almost every day

• There are disturbances in thinking, memory and attention.

• a sense of inferiority or excessive and inappropriate guilt

To a person in depression, the past is a series of failures, the present seems dull and bleak, and the future seems hopeless or catastrophic.

Depressive state and depression require urgent treatment for psychotherapeutic help, since depressive thoughts become more and more habitual for a person in depression and, like an old habit, they are more difficult to correct.

In some cases, drug therapy for depression is necessary and in almost all cases urgent psychotherapy is required. When a person turns to our psychological center for psychological help for depression or depressed mood, then after the initial reception, he finds hope for recovery and feels a rise in his strength and mood. A full course of psychotherapy for depression and medical treatment (only in cases when it is necessary) requires the creation of a psychotherapeutic alliance aimed at the interaction of the therapist and the client in joint efforts in dealing with depression. Soon, the treatment of depression will allow a person to regain control over his own thoughts and mood, and as a result also over the very situation that caused depression.

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