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Fear is an innate response caused by the environment. The light we appear almost devoid of fears. The only fear that belongs to kids — a fear of falling from great heights and fear of loud noises. All other fears appear later as a reaction to any events. And the main center of them all is the conviction that we do not have the skills to cope with your life.

Every person should be able to overcome fears, otherwise he will not be able to get in his life to any, even the smallest height, not to mention to achieve success or realize their dreams. There are many techniques how to overcome the fear. Below I give a description of the five very powerful ways where, to put into practice, everyone will be able to defeat any fear.




Develop the habit to act, not paying attention to the arising fears. Understand that fear is just a simple reaction that is born from You in response to efforts to implement uncharacteristic actions. Fear may also occur due to attempts to do anything against their beliefs. You see, any person for a certain period of time formed their own worldview, and when he tries to change it, it always has to transcend fear and want to overcome this fear. Depending on the power of any belief, fear can be strong or weak.

We are not born successful. Basically we were brought up than what should be successful people, so if we want to achieve our goals and dreams, we must learn to conquer fear. You need to be able to act despite the fear. Whisper to yourself: "Yes I admit that I'm scared, and I will go and do it." And while You hesitate, Your fear rejoices and becomes more powerful. The longer You delay, the more it is filled in Your mind, but as soon as You start action, fear will disappear. Fear grows in front of You in the form of a concrete wall, but once You start to perform the first step forward, it turns out that this wall is an illusion, and in the end it just yet. Take your fear and accept it, and step forward to meet him. It is not necessary to deal with it. Admit: "Yes, I confess that I'm scared." In a sort of recognition there's not a bit bad, because You are just a person who have a right to be afraid. At a time when You admit to his fear, he will exult and rejoice in victory and then begins to diminish. And you take action.


You can try to overcome fear with logic. When there is fear, think about the worst scenario in that case if suddenly You decided to act despite your fear.

And again scary? After You rate the worst-case scenario, Your fear will dissipate. Even the worst option is not as scary as the unknown (there are always a fear) and fear itself. Fear ceases to be a threat, after becoming a specific individual. The most powerful weapon of fear is, as I said, the unknown. It seems so bulky that it seems like we can't survive what will happen in the end.

If after evaluating the worst-case scenario, You still scared, probably option much bad. In this case, see if there is exaggeration of the probability of occurrence of events, which will appear in the result of Your actions "despite the fear". If the rating is indeed real and fear again does not pass, then you should consider whether or not to do it. After all, fear does not appear just like that.Fear is a natural protective reaction. Maybe you need to abandon further action.

Here are a couple of situations where fear is justified and when not.

1.You are already 38 years old and You are still single, and did not dare to propose to his beautiful girl that you really like and with which you have a few years together. Of course, there is a fear, as the offer you make for the first time. Maybe the previous girl refused You and so you scared because you don't want another failure. What's the worst that can happen? True! She will turn You down. It's really scary? No. You refuse, then you need to look for another. The universe knows better than You, maybe this girl you are not a couple, and somewhere in there You will find the very unique and unrepeatable. In such a situation, we can easily overcome fear.

2.You are eager to learn how to ski. You climbed a very tall and steep hill. Of course, how not to be afraid. What is the worst case scenario happens to You, if you dare to go? You will break 100 bones! Yes, very real and very bad scenario. You can of course rely on luck and begin the descent down, applying the method of overcoming fear, which is described above. After you begin to descend, Your fear will instantly disappear. But maybe You should listen to your fear? Maybe it's better down the hill to walk down and stand on the ski in the place where it is safe and you will not so much be afraid to go down?

Rate your fear of how he reasoned. If it is really justified, it is better to listen to him, because he's your defensive reaction, which is able to keep you from harm. If it is not justified and the worst doesn't seem so scary, then go ahead to act.


Yes, that's right Your solution forces You to gather your thoughts and make what You fear. When You correctly set up yourself that You do this, fear will flee.Fear lives only in the place where there is indecision or uncertainty. Fear is the result of doubt, where together they go hand in hand. If You eliminate doubt, fear simply will not. Here to the rescue comes the solution. When You decide to do anything, the doubts evaporate instantly. All of You made the decision, and this means that there is no going back. Why fear has such power? It brings to mind a negative picture of what we don't need, and a situation where we feel uncomfortable. As soon as there is fear, the man begins to turn in the minds of the scenarios of failures. These thoughts then affect the emotions in a negative way, but our emotions just run and all of our lives. With a lack of positive emotions, we lose the determination to act, and when idle, we rooted in his own insignificance. It is precisely your determination depends, you win or You fear it. Fear focuses Your mind on the negative developments in the circumstances, the decision focuses you on the positive. When You take any decision, you focus on how great it will be when you overcome the fear that You will get as your life will change for the better. This creates a positive attitude and most importantly, that the mind is filled with pleasant scenarios that place for fear and doubt simply do not have. But remember, if the head will penetrate even one negative thought (especially thoughts associated with fear), as here, there are hundreds of similar thoughts.


So now You know what you're afraid of. It's a tremendous plus. Now we can prepare ourselves once and for all to defeat this fear. Training consists of two stages:

1. Analysis

2. View

In the analysis phase how to analyze your fear. Honestly answer the following questions

1. What exactly am I afraid of?

2. Why am I afraid of?

3. Whether such fear?

4. Is the fear rational explanation (basis)?

5. For me what is worse: to do this action or that I will not be able to achieve your goal?

Ask yourself these questions as much as possible and You think necessary. Carefully analyze your fear. Analysis is only the first side of the coin. Fear is the feelings (emotions), and the analysis is performed on logical level. The emotions always win (because stronger) logic. You can you perform and realize that Your fear has no meaning, and will still continue to be afraid of.

Proceed to the second stage representation. At this stage we are going to fight against fear not by reason (logic) and emotion (feelings). A view is just rendering. You know what makes You knees shake, so sit in a comfortable chair and relax and start to scroll in the mind of scenarios as You do what you fear! Let me remind you that the mind does not distinguish the imaginary from the real events. Once You are in the mind overcome fear many times times, You will be much easier to cope with this problem in reality, because on a subconscious level are already well-established event model when You do this action. The method of auto-suggestion is quite powerful. Whatever happens, You can always use and will always be successful. You can use other methods of self-hypnosis, but they are not as effective against fear. The best method is visualization. You will see that after a single ten-minute visualization, You will be much easier to overcome your fear.

And finally, I want to give You one warning. In the article, I write about what You struggle with fear, but in reality in any case and never under any circumstances fight with him. When You are struggling with fear, he becomes even stronger and more takes possession of Your mind. When it occurs, recognize and accept it. If You tell yourself that "I really afraid", it doesn't mean You're weak. Everybody is afraid of something, and only successful people have learned to act despite it. Masculinity is not listnote of fear, but the ability to act in his presence, not paying any attention to him. When You admit You're scared, You can switch your thoughts to something else and distracted from him. When You fight him, he begins to suck from You energy, and it is only getting stronger. You destroy fear when completely ignored it and distracted by something else.


Our task is to learn how to get rid of any fears, to not interfere with us as soon as we made a decision or decided on a certain action. We will try to achieve the lack of intellectual fear. This will give us a probability to think clearly when the time comes to making a decision.

The first thing to realize is that the main problem is fear itself, not the object of fear. If we experience fear of failure, it is of no use to deal with fear, trying to reduce the number of failures. People are so can not cope with the fear that they brought all of the situation through the floor when he can appear. They do nothing at all. And this is a direct road to unhappiness. So, first you need to identify the fear.

Next you need to begin to develop courage.

Imagine that the exercise of courage is the same as the muscle pump in the gym. First You do light weight You can raise. When You have easy to lift this much weight, switch to a heavier weight and try to lift it. The situation is similar with fear. First, You need a workout with a little fear, then switch to the more powerful. For a visual example, take the fear of public speaking. You have a fear of speaking before an audience of 1,200. First, gather your friends and speak to them. To speak to 12 people is almost scary. Next, assemble 35 people and speak before them. If at this stage You suddenly have problems, You tremble, stutter, forget words that were supposed to say, lost practice with this audience to build up a tolerance until you start to feel comfortable. And then proceed to the audience of 60 people. Then 120, 250, 510 and 1100.

Let's consider other options. For example, You don't want to look stupid in front of other people, and so afraid. To stop being afraid, you must do this and fear will disappear. Practice. Deliberately in different situations expose yourself a fool and laugh at him.

If You are shy and reticent man, the usual practice to communicate with people. Start with just to smile to passersby on the street. You will notice that people will also get You to smile. Of course, You will meet those who thinks that You are above them sneer, since You are looking at them smiling. Everything is fine. Then start to greet passers-by. Just say, "Good day." Greet with people. They consider You a friend, but I do not remember You. Then try to make light conversation. When you stand in line, feel free to tie up with someone the conversation on a neutral topic, such as this: "I can't Stand to stand in line" will immediately trigger the person to answer You: "Yes, I agree with You, but you have to stand and nothing can be done". And the like. Start with any neutral topics of conversation such as the weather.

The point is to first get used to overcome small fears and then move on to bigger.

Briefly this process can be explain like this:

1. Calculate his biggest fear

2. Divide it by at least 7 small fears

3. Start to practice to overcome the small (easy) fears.

4. If You are afraid, even in front of him, divide it into several smaller fears.

5. Step by step overcome your fears

6. Practice constantly

This way You will learn to overcome any fear. If You for a long time will not practice You in the future again have to start with the easy fear. Similarly, in the gym, if You are a long time training, muscles unaccustomed to the heavy weight training and need to start again with a light. Fear will always be with You, and as soon as You stop training, he will gain up on You, and at other times will have to start all over again.


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