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We program, and it must be admitted.

Our brain in this sense is similar to the mechanism, and its reaction it is possible to predict and predetermine. Knowing the peculiarities of our brain, you can "tell" us what products to buy, whom to accept as the authority, where to work, etc. It annoys, frightens, Angers, as well as the 25th frame advertising inserted in the movie, the frame that we are not aware of, but which forces us to take certain actions.

One of the directions of modern psychology aspires to be a universal medicine called the mysterious word of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) or neurolinguistic programming. Even with the transcript it looks not very clear, however, as befits a universal cure. Try to figure out what it is. But first let us turn to history. The origins of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)are found in the 70-ies of XX century in the American town of Santa Cruz. Its founders believe mathematics and Cybernetics of Richard Bandler and Professor of linguistics John Grinder.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) was developed using a detailed study of the work of three prominent therapists: Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. Analyzing tape recordings of their work, Richard Bandler suggested that the success of psychotherapy depends on a particular way of organizing the speech therapist (use of pauses, certain words, rising or falling tone). The question was: if there are therapists who cope with the most difficult ailments to find the approach to any patient, can teach it to others?

Brilliant people (not just therapists) usually rely on their observations and intuitions themselves may not always realize why they say or do otherwise. The same intuitive findings can be seen in advertising and insurance agents, managers of firms and sales managers.

Trying to simulate selected techniques has led to interesting results. Bandler and grinder decided to understand how "working" simulation. In fact, they engaged in what would later be called modeling, that is, the analysis of the causes of success in any sphere of human activity (be it medicine, psychology, etc.) and creation of the mechanisms of copying this success. And in the end came to the conclusion that if there is at least one person who is doing something effectively, that you can teach other people. You just need to understand how.

Therefore, in the beginning of NLP studied the ways of action of men of genius with the help of system analysis: there was a sequence of events, which gradually thrown away unnecessary steps. For example, a method of shamanic curing the evil eye specialist NLP can be represented as follows:

1. To wash my hands.

2. Pray to the Sun God.

3. To tell a patient that everything will be fine.

4. Pray to the Sun God.

5. To turn the hands at a speed of 1 revolution per second, while imagining that
the evil eye out through the crown of the patient in the form of a black flap.

6. To tell the client that everything is ready.

Now you need to throw out some steps of this sequence and check if it works method. For example, if you throw out steps 1 and 2, the method still works. And if you throw away step 3 or 4, or 5, or 6 not working.

Consequently, the optimal model in this case immediately tell the patient that everything will be fine, pray to the Sun God, to turn the hands and to imagine... and finally, tell the patient that everything is ready. Note that the researcher is based on observable phenomena and not on their own speculation about which of these steps are necessary.

Around NLP a lot of myths, many of which are invented by the experts of NLP. Myths allow us to maintain the atmosphere of mystery, which really makes the work with people. This contributes to the abundance of English words (pattern, report, presuppositions, etc.) that are not particularly explained. Sometimes it begins to seem that if all this is to say it differently, more clearly, the system will stop working.

Now NLP is a mechanism, including a focus on making money. It's good business, as mastering this method is expensive. At relatively low unit cost of the workshop training program is designed in such a clever way that you need to either pass it all or not start at all.

Books and manuals on NLP is also published so that the authors bring the most money. In America, for example, pure medical application of NLP do not so often. The basic is expensive trainings for employees of various firms.

So what is NLP?

It is believed that, primarily, is a set of techniques of effective communication, behaviour, manipulation. In particular, NLP teach this dialogue (both in words and in gestures, in facial expressions) that a person or group of people with whom you are in dialogue, was inclined to seek agreement with you, not confrontation.

Using the tools of NLP, you can successfully pass the interview when applying for a job. It is possible to correctly negotiate, and it is possible to interrogate the prisoner so that he will get confused in his testimony. You, being guilty, to shift the burden of guilt on the one who accuses you...

NLP is a great set of different tools and psychotherapist, working with form, ignoring the content. Specialist NLP is not interested in WHY it works so and not otherwise. His task is only to understand HOW to apply it AS to the task that it solves.

The idea is not new. In the late XIX — early XX century, the psyche of the person compared to a black box in which it is impossible to study any processes, and to say with certainty that what laws there occurs. But you can observe the incentives that are sent in a black box, and describe the answers to these incentives.

This is the path chose NLP. Here reflected even the theory of reflexes I. P. Pavlov, allowing the NLP specialists to focus on the difference of conditional and unconditional reflexes and the learning of external stimuli that trigger this particular reflex.

Interestingly, when the customer does not take into account the activity of man himself as a driving force and a necessary or even major parts of the change process. The concept of the soul is considered only from the point of view of what incentives it a more enjoyable and allow you to change a person. Almost all NLP techniques are designed for using in situations when the client does not understand produce in it changes. Some methods focused solely on working with the unconscious, when neither the client nor the consultant does not know what is happening.

The first book on NLP began with the phrase, addressed to the psychologist who will be practicing NLP:
"The client needs to be sure that you know exactly what is happening and will happen. But God forbid you themselves to believe it."

The results of the NLP work described in books and journals, is impressive. Those who feared the thought of public speaking become successful speakers. People who no one could help cope with stuttering, after two or three months they say without hesitation. In the list of possible consultations of experts of NLP and establishing relations in the family, and overcoming fears, and learning languages. NLP is also trying to solve the problems of artists, writers who complain about otsutstvovala, by fixing of a conditioned reflex to the creative state.

Techniques such fast, effective and mixed results very little. In reklametegnere NLP promises that you will learn to speak with each in his own language, to see, hear and feel what you do not notice other people, to become "his" for any person, etc. And it draws attention. Who wants to be effective in their work and to find with all common language!

But psycho, even the most perfect can remove only the symptoms. They do not affect the roots of the problems, moreover, they do not even try to work with them, programming our brain to ignore certain signals and forming habit to respond to specific circumstances to be successful, the concepts of NLP.

Many bought on speed and external efficiency of NLP. But the one who is speaking to this technique, it is necessary to know exactly what result he wants to achieve. If you desire real, then the person preorienting, and he did not even notice that it turned out differently.

If a person clearly don't know what he wants, he will feel that the result is what it should be. But is it really so, neither you nor I will never know.

If someone decides to turn to NLP in search of freedom, not wanting to depend on other people to overcome their complexes, real freedom, he will not find. Yes, NLP gives a person, to dream of freedom, a certain, and sometimes significant, advantage over other people.

But it's also dangerous for the person, for he becomes a hostage to certain behavioural stereotypes, beliefs and imperceptibly lose that freedom, which so longed for. Many lose their original purpose, subject only to the "linguistic" experts.

In addition, it is no secret that any psychological practice is a form of self — destruction of psihicheskogo. Multistage system of training NLP, a strong influence of the coach on group members, the use of trance States lead to the fact that people who do not have solid ground under my feet, really begin to resemble zombies.

Among the technologies of influence and persuasion, NLP is one of the main places. Those who use biting expressions, called NLP effective way of zombies. Indeed, NLP techniques are used by the sect, using them to mind control, to control people and manipulate them.

In classic NLP ideology, as well as ethics, were not provided. NLP was created as a method. Who, how and in what order you will use it — just depends on to handle that this method will be. Therefore, NLP is widely applied in constructive and destructive purposes. But about the question: who is responsible for the knowledge that NLP gives its listeners?

Experts NLP centers the answer to this question is simple: any knowledge and any tool can be used for good and harm. But how a person uses the acquired knowledge depends on the values with which it comes in NLP.

It turns out that for every seminar can come not quite mentally healthy people to learn how to manipulate people, to turn everything in, not having basic criteria — what is good and what is bad. The seminar does not end with the Hippocratic oath, not signed the basic ethical code of the psychologist. Whatever you do, you're in no way restricts — after all, their own ethical values NLP does not form.

Great difficulties arise when people who have passed courses in NLP, trying to immediately apply their knowledge in the treatment of others. No one can give an answer to what eventually may lead to one or the other psycho, how it will affect people.

We can help ourselves, and often we do not even notice how we do it. When trying not to upset loved ones, we make an effort and smile through the tears, you notice that really calmed down and are ready to find the solution to a complex situation, and most importantly — find a solution. When in difficult moments remember something really dear and Holy for us, and it has a certain feeling, state that allows you to reverse the problem, to cope with their own complexes and disadvantages.

Each person has the ability to gather the Holy moments of their lives in order in moments of loneliness, sadness, confusion to refer to them. To contact and to revive in the memory of the clean and beautiful state, and relations that raise our consciousness on ourselves, on our problems. It is very important for man, because these things give power — the power to live and overcome difficulties, the power to change.

The article used materials of Pavel Senatorov.


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