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Many times we have read and heard about how dangerous selfishness. Often selfishness and his "younger brother" egocentrism contact you directly, and stated that dangerous both. In his article "What is mysticism" Professor Livraga writes: "Egoism and its exoteric (external) the shadow — self-centeredness — has always been a stumbling block in the way of physical, mental, mental and spiritual development..."

It becomes clear that the harmful as the selfishness and self-centeredness. But we would like to take another look at this problem and try to more deeply understand what is the difference between one and another concept.

Why self-centeredness is only the exoteric side of selfishness? Why is that selfishness has deeper roots and is more dreadful, fatal consequences, while the ego always remains only the external, visible manifestation?

Egocentrism is the feeling of being the center of the world and all events. This need to be the leader, always attract the attention of others. If the natural call behavior and actions emanating from the elementary instincts and impulses in man, in a sense, we can say that self-centeredness is natural. However, this condition, traits, and behavior peculiar to man, and among animals are extremely rare. The animal lives his life with a genuine naturalness, it is to protect themselves and their cubs from other animals and humans only when it feels that they pose a danger.

Strange, but often it turns out that contact with a person "infects" pet "virus of self-centeredness", and we see in them begins to show those we need to attract all the looks, take all the affection and exclusive attention of the owner. So together with egocentrism is born of jealousy.

From the very first months of its life the child requires the exclusive attention of parents, especially mothers. They already have their own ways and their own "tactic" that allows to achieve this and resulting in the affection of adults who are happy and delighted to notice that such a tiny creature have something was like them.

Time passes, children and young people as they grow increasingly start to feel the need to be the center of attention in the home, among friends, in school, in their environment. Egocentrism is gradually turning into a peculiar form of self-affirmation. Later it can cause feelings that are mistakenly called love, not realizing that they are based on the spirit of possessiveness. The desire to feel loved in this case would mean a requirement to become a centre of existence of another person. Subsequently, from this is born the anti-love, selfishness. To be selfish means to feel not just the center, the only center in the world. Although people know that there are other people he lives and acts like they don't exist, and ignoring anything or anyone but himself. In this case just apply the famous parable of the cranes, which says Plato in his "Dialogues". After many discussions cranes, occurring at a secret meeting, come to the conclusion that beings living in the world, divided into two large parts: the cranes and "cranes". The same thing happens to a person is selfish. For him the world consists of two clear and understandable sections: he, main, and main only one of its kind, and all the other "not-I", only vaguely existing in the representation of the selfish somewhere in his own shadow.

It's not even that selfish is isolated from the world, as some argue. On the contrary, egoist sees the diversity of life. The fact that this variety does not interest him, as well as not interested and what could happen to other people, if he is satisfied with himself and his desires and requirements are met. Apart from the fact that he's an egomaniac, he also becomes cold and indifferent to everything else, he "spit" on other people and it's not enough that he is the center of attention. Being fully absorbed the ugly form of love he has for himself, he does not respect, unable to appreciate even this. Selfish and at the same time manifests the jealousy of the egomaniac, and a complete inability to love, which has already become the main feature of his personality. In the cited article, us Professor Livraga says: "Love is giving, and, accordingly, the impact is the manifestation of Love..." How to achieve the high goal to which aspire all genuine human relationships?

True relationship and coexistence is impossible if they are not generosity and love. They are also impossible and when are based on prevailing over everything and absorbing all the egoistic feelings of a man who imagines himself to be the center of the world.

In order to be born true relations and to allow people to coexist with each other, you need to open your own heart and find a place in it, at least a little corner, for all beings living on Earth. Need to expand consciousness and to learn to penetrate into the soul, into the innermost essence of all things, we need to feel the mysterious infinity of the Universe. Need to learn all live, learning to love and respect him. We need to free ourselves from the prison of our own selfishness and summon the courage to show ourselves as we are, sharing with others all the wonderful things you have and what you are in the shower.

Not justifying self-centeredness and knowing that it is only the first infantile stage of self-assertion of man, we should make every effort to destroy the dark roots of selfishness, out of which is born not only egocentrism but also more evil and which are the worst obstacle to our spiritual development. No one can evolve spiritually and to achieve the goals you set, if it neglects other people and remain indifferent to their suffering, their dreams and spiritual development.

No one can achieve liberation if he is not freed from the shackles of egoism, making it difficult for him to love and help others. For selfish Nirvana no. Our short reflections we finish with the words of Professor Livraga:

"No man would be a coward more than selfish. And no man is more violent than selfish. No one is proud of himself and shows his power as a selfish man in their victories and triumphs. But nobody is so pathetic and weak, as selfish, in his fall".

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