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For the modern man work plays an increasingly important role in his life. Everyone is trying to realize themselves in their work, to reach certain heights and respect in the team. For us it is important the opinion of colleagues, even when they come home it is impossible to cool off from the office battles, again and again thinking of the past day and today I was aware of the gossip of the staff and well, they didn't affect me and my personal life.

Have they forgotten about that story, as I did not notice the Secretary Anya, found out on the phone with her husband, and now the whole office know about my humiliating divorce and division of property. Of course, it was presented in more beautiful colors than there really is, and the farther it spread, the less like the original version.

But it just seems to us, no one has forgotten, just found a more interesting topic for discussion, but yours as if by accident, but emerge later, when you think about it, well, all is forgotten and buried. But no, some well-wisher in the form of Tatyana Mikhailovna from the circulation Department, but it is not known what is more, our products or rumors, I will say, that from our Lena, her husband left her for the same reason. And why did she even think that he's gone, and I myself was expelled, and anyway, why would I make excuses, skip past the ears, and myself have already clocked up, and went throught to walk, do think so, or I give the impression of a frivolous person. That's enough, don't think, don't flip out, but I can't process gone.

Probably, many faced about this situation or worse. So, what to do, how not to succumb to stress in such situations, for example, Americans believe that we need to change jobs at least every 7 years, otherwise it's a pipe. The brain will rust, comes complete degradation of creativity. And such a disastrous result is not desirable. So friends, live a healthy attitude to work, to the office and everything that happens to us! In General, at work and in other spheres of life, have problems to work and not to tear his hair remains and bore home stories how not the right Tatyana.

However, in desperation, we break out of the ruts, sometimes for quite a long time. No, it is not necessary. We on the contrary, to make the right decision you need most of all to soberly consider and forward. The person who pretends to him was considered, at least, considered a person worthy of respect, must respect himself, and not quietly complexes in the shower, afraid to fight back.

The algorithm is clear? Seeing the problem in the workplace, not depressed, and calmly develop a solution. If not eliminate, the worst thing that can happen to you is dismissal and of their own accord. Well, what of it? What, in your present job all the way and the meridians together? She is the center of the earth? You will die without it? Stupid idea, isn't it? That's it nothing special happens, go and find yourself another job; moreover, it is still of common sense and practical psychology and sociology, it is necessary from time to time to change.

Author: E. I. Nagaytseva

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