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In the era of new and progressive technologies, the mobile phone is not something incredible, as it was only 8-10 years ago.

Despite the fact that modern gadgets are equipped with huge quantity of various programs and settings, their primary function (communication) has not lost its relevance. The use of sms services today is on the first place among other possibilities provided to us by mobile operators and makers of phones.


A new generation of youth creates its own virtual world in which they make the whole sms-novels, find new friends, maintaining a turbulent social life. On this basis, American and German psychologists say about the emergence of a dangerous disease that consumes our society, bearing in mind the dependency on sms.

Is it really such a loud statement is the place to be? If so, then what is the reason and how to deal with it?

You should start with the fact that the so-called sms-based, are those not self-sufficient, which spend at least some time in the society itself, is torture. Following this logic, one can count more than a dozen different dependencies faced by people of the 21st century.

Many young people, because of lack of proper upbringing or their own internal compactness, experience incredible discomfort in live communication, when I see your face in front of him. And, most likely, everyone will agree that there are things that are much easier to write than to speak, looking into his eyes. Thus it is impossible in such cases to say that soon we will become dependent on sms messages. This is the psychology of the human soul, because there are moments in life when finding the right words seems impossible.

In addition, sms is more comfortable, fast and convenient. Just a few words you may like to interrupt unwanted and Intrusive communication, and give a lot of emotion for someone on the other end looks at a dark screen waiting for the slightest word from you. Besides, it is much easier to ignore the human, ignoring and not replying to his sms than to keep it together with his direct presence.

A survey conducted in one of the American States, showed the results shocked many: it turns out about 46% of people aged 25 to 34, who participated in the study, the greatest loss in my life think the loss of a mobile phone.

If, after reading this article, you have doubts about your psychological health and in the head climbed thought "am I also sms - dependent?", do the following.
Analyze all your conversations and find out what percentage they comprise of the sms does not contain absolutely no sense. If this percentage is greater than 50 – it is worth considering.

Unplug for a few days, the phone, or spend a weekend in a place where there is no cellular connection (today is a place without coverage, to find very difficult). And if at this time you will not feel the so-called "withdrawal" and sharp, irresistible desire to write at least a couple of sms – don't worry, you're perfectly healthy!

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