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To get rid of such an addiction, like Smoking, is not enough to glue every day nicotine patches and to visit a doctor, it is also important to work with the problem on a psychological level. To quit Smoking, psychologists recommend:

Correctly identify the objective

First, it is important to define the purpose, it should be formulated specifically determined in time and be important to you. To quit Smoking just because it is harmful to health or not fashionable, is unlikely to succeed.

Need good reasons and arguments, for example, to get rid of unpleasant odor and plaque on the teeth, or to quit Smoking for the health of future children. Specify your target and be sure to write it down.

Be aware of the reasons

The true cause is often hidden deep in the human experience, and therefore, to understand it, you need to introspect. Capture all your feelings and emotions in the moment when you pull on the cigarette, even better to write it all down, down to the smallest detail. Over time, you will understand the true cause of your addiction.

Fight the negativity

Finding out the cause of negative emotions, try to protect themselves from situations that cause them. If this is not possible, for example, you are constantly experiencing stress at work, but learn a few ways to relax and deal with stress and use them at the right time.

Take a business

If you have an overabundance of free time during the day, then it will inevitably appear thoughts to smoke, to avoid this, get some new interesting work, find a new hobby or a hobby, or join a gym.

Guide detoxify the body

It is impossible to forget and about the physiological addiction to nicotine, so when quitting Smoking, it is recommended to purge the body, to reduce the risk of unpleasant symptoms in humans.

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