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If you feel in your life shortage of funds — it means that you are making a common to ordinary human error. And the error lies in the fact that the person constantly thinks and speaks about what he has and what lacks. We concentrate all our attention tends to multiply.

To attract into your life more money, you need to develop a psychology of abundance, and this:

1. Tune in to abundance and prosperity and money will be attracted to you automatically. Everything we think and say, starts to grow, and that we deprive our attention — fading and gradually disappearing from our lives.

2. Concentrate on the good that you already have. Don't be afraid of temporary failures. Believe that what you seek will come to you. To achieve anything, you need to imagine it you already have.

3. If you want to become rich, be firmly confident that we will succeed in the business.

4. If you want to become rich — learn how to feel rich and to give to others.

5. The money needed to lure. Money need to send positive thoughts. Every day here in order money in your wallet. Smooth all the crumpled bills, lay them on the dignity and face you. Putting money in your wallet, prigovarivaya: "Money loves me. My income is constantly and steadily rising".

6. When you see a beautiful expensive things, do not get angry and do not envy what you can't afford them. Enjoy the view of beautiful things. Say to yourself mentally: "I have these beautiful things very much, and I let them in my life!". Expand your consciousness by taking the world and its abundance. Since like attracts like, then after a while you have the first cash flow streams.

7. Adjust your consciousness to receive abundance, and you get it. Ardently desire, strive and mentally try on all the abundance that you found.

8. The more you wasting around the vibes of happiness, joy, abundance, the more money you will attract.

9. Developed a calm and confident attitude towards money. Imagine that you let the money run through the world to come back to you multiplied. Constantly tell yourself that your funds will grow and that you will succeed.

10. Act as you would, in your opinion, behaves like a real millionaire. Hold on with dignity, say so that the listener can feel your importance. Attach a weight to each word. Never fuss, but also do not treat people arrogantly.

11. Always be honest with people. All the deceptions, even a slight turn then against you.

12. Do not spare money to charity, poor people, orphanages, hospitals, schools.

Enjoy every moment of your life. We now need to learn to be completely happy and satisfied. The money does not come to the pessimists and whiners. Become rich in your mind — will become richer in real life.

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