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Man is imperfect, therefore seeks to find the only right way. And this path – road to the sun, when thoughts like the water of the cold clean spring, when mental force is able to deploy the Ground when physical forces are not to think of endurance, conquering life and feelings, like the rays of the sun, sparkling spring waters, warm and fill the mind with purity higher enjoyment and meaning.

So, a person, a traveler under the watchful eye of the sky, finds its narrow path, which is in process of perfection of the soul expands and gives the heart comfort in thinking about their own purpose and usefulness to the world.

So the man gets on the path of yoga.

Destiny is a huge network. Every minute, to make the next step, people change their lives. And the achievement of the objectives always depends on how much light once the decision. Often desirable comes. But why someone – lucky, and someone- eternal loser, and the last coveted not come ever?

Proven that thought is material. It is able not only to change the external world of things but also the inner world of man. So the biologist Mario Fraga, studying the genetics of twins of different ages, proved that the genotype of a person changes with time under the influence of various factors of life, and therefore consciousness. Small children-twins have identical genes. And after 28 years, when one formed, as a person, and when too various routes taken, genetics of twins is phenomenally different.

Is man by changing the mind really can affect your body. But whether he is able so to influence his life and destiny?

With regular practice of yoga is the practice of improving the human body. Feeling in the body of the growing power of seeing the beautiful lines of her changing figure, the person feels a surge of mental effort, loses intrinsic stiffness, proudly straightened shoulders, thus liberating the power and breaks that encourage people to move towards goals easily.

But the body is only a small fraction of what can change yoga. The most important forces that lie dormant in the deep unconscious "I". To open them, to know themselves, to get answers to most important questions about their own lives, find peace of mind, therefore, to find happiness, help are integral parts of yoga, like meditation and deep relaxation through Shavasana.

In the human body accumulate lactic acid ("lactate"). It is the cause of stress and tension. From staying in Savasana, lactic acid in the body converted into glucose. But most important, after intense practice, the person disables consciousness. As a silent witness, observing your own body and mind through the relaxation of the people throwing off the heavy burden of problems. The flow of life is slowed down, heavy rhythm of the city stays outside. Like a yogi is alone with them and the Supreme transcendent mind. At such moments he is able to receive information from the universe. It is not only the disclosure of intuition, it is an approximation to the transcendental understanding of the world. It is not only the restoration of the psyche, but also cleansing of consciousness. Thus, without the clutter of unnecessary mortal thoughts expands the room for fresh and unexpected ideas. So the inspiration comes.

But going back to the heartbeat of the city, the person returns to the pain of life, he again rolled mountain of problems. But the one who practices yoga, knows not to take them in the head. First, after the power of asanas, when the body receives the necessary supply of endorphins, the person becomes calm and relaxed, and secondly, in the event of a conflict, the yogi observes himself and other people as if viewing a film, analyzing and looking at ourselves. Negative feelings and emotions recede, people soberly assess the situation and finds a conflict-free way out of this unpleasant situation.

Composure equals happy life.

There is a wonderful kind of yoga – Raja. Raja yoga teaches us to change our consciousness, to attain spiritual harmony and balance with the world. It's like hearing voices of the universe and revealed the pure voice of your heart. Person learns to feel the sublime, to touch the infinite-the beautiful truth and mystery.

After execution of the power of asanas, meditation, deep relaxation, i.e. Shavasana, one feels the force and makes the right steps, choosing the right way which leads not to the desired even – for more. Because no one knows how much can really give him life.

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