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Physiognomic characteristics of each person can give his character and tell about its strong and weak sides of the personality. Want to quickly understand what the person in front of you? The look on his face and a look!



1. The asymmetry of the face indicates a good intellect and creativity. Such people tend to lack ambition, especially in women.

2. People with oblong face are careerism and love power. Such a person gives, at times, subtle manner, often in women.

3. Square face belongs to the natural born leaders and fighters. Such people can be stubborn and impatient and have a tendency to control others.

4. Oval face indicates a clear lack of ambition and modesty. When expressed terms, we can talk about the power of the spirit and love of extreme sports.

5. Triangular face shape indicates a nature restless, self-absorption. But it can also be evil and ruthless man, especially when prominent chin.


1. Short nose - a sign of the vitality and sincerity of nature.

2. The nose "potato" speaks of the penetration of character and promises good success in work and life.

3. Thin nose gives an air of mystery and secrecy, a tendency to frequent conflicts.

4. A long nose shows the Conservatoire's quality, tenacious mind, and rarely shows arrogance.

5. Aquiline nose indicates frivolity and artificiality. Such people are vindictive and resentful.

6. Wide nose belongs to a clever person who has big goals in store.

7. The tip of the nose swing up is a sign of low instincts and lightness of being.



1. High set ears talking about determination and mind.

2. Low to the ground ear to the point of stupidity and arrogance.

3. The average fit of the ear indicates sociability and originality.

4. Splayed ears is a symptom of a difficult nature. Such people are often very lonely.

5. Ears close to head, talking about the deceit and debauchery of man.

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