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The thought of public speaking can worry even the most confident professionals. But once you learn and master the basic techniques of public speaking skills, your hands will be a powerful tool to achieve marketing goals. The most important thing a marketer can adopt from the speaker's three elements of persuasion, which is discovered by Aristotle: credibility, emotion and logic. With them and begin:

1. Authority
In order to win the trust of the audience and effectively deliver the speech, the speaker needs to show the audience that he is an authority or expert in your field. For example, if you say it about the negative effects of excessive consumption of sugar on the child's body, the audience will listen to your words only if you are a dietician. Similarly, the seller needs to inspire confidence in potential customers. For this reason, people are more likely to make purchases in the famous and large online stores rather than small Windows.

2. Emotions
Good public speaking always appeal to the emotions. Imagine that you are telling a friend about the recent death of your family member. No doubt this news will cause him sympathy, but if you show him a picture that captured your last visit to the hospital to the dying, and tell us what you talked about with him in that moment, it is very likely that it will have a strong emotional impact on your partner. Public speaking and marketing work about the same way. Words and visual materials should be selected so that they appeal to certain emotions of the audience.

3. Facts
Facts are needed to construct logically correct arguments and persuade the audience to accept your point of view. People need to believe that your facts are true. To do this, they must be taken from authoritative sources and contain some numbers that support your claim. For example, if you are a seller, your goal is to prove that your product works better than the competition.

4. Short
We've all heard that brevity is the soul of wit. However, as can often be seen at the presentation of a speaker who uses in his sentences more than I should. Such messages are almost always ineffective because the audience quickly loses interest in the topic. The ability to summarize your thoughts, especially important now in the digital age, when people can get the information he needs in less than 30 seconds.

5. Visual support
The use of video and photo materials in public speaking has its pitfalls. If the visual accompaniment is done correctly, it can turn a good speech into a great and make the speech interesting and memorable. If it is used incorrectly, it can distract the audience from the main theme of the speech.

Author and marketing expert Seth Godin believes that the key to successful marketing is to become a "purple cow” – ie, something to stand out among all other competitors copying each other. The use of visual materials in cases where your competitors are neglected, can significantly improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

6. Practice
Practice is important for the speaker as well as for the marketer. Even the most brilliant speakers spend enough time preparing for the presentations. In marketing, the practice refers to the need for research and testing of potential audience.

Before launching the campaign, test it: organize a focus group or conduct an experiment with the participation of your employees. Testing marketing ideas that will help to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of the campaign, just like the rehearsal of public speaking will not allow the speaker to forget the material during the performance.

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