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The complexes appear and re-appear based on fear Fear of the inability to cope with the problems, he is a defender, but if people can't cope with the fear that it flows into the complexes.

The complexes are different , fear of losing jobs, fear of homelessness – the fears, fears, fears...

Fears and complexes appear in the first place because of an unbalanced mind in the first place, when a person is balanced calm him many options, he is very flexible in responding to everything and feels like a fish in the water under any circumstances.

How to stay calm?! Need to turn, it is necessary to slow down the roundabout which the person spins, which spins the fear, very large coming psychological stress here is the acceleration causes a person to work hard and it turns into a tired-out horse. He can't stop and doesn't know how to do it, the more he drives the more depleted the nervous system, the fewer options the more it crushes fear.

So how do you slow down?! A very slow Pro : the first thing is sleep and rest in large quantities. If you give a man the opportunity to sleep, to have a complete rest he begin to occur in the reverse recovery process, this carousel begins is inhibited and it begins to calmly face the same aktiviziruyutsya depressed fear aggression, she begins to balance fear and he sees the world still, smoothly, quietly and immediately understands the essence.

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