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One of the most natural and common among the population fears: afraid of heights about 5% of all humanity. This means that any friends among the Russians there is someone who avoids panic to rise above the second floor.

In principle, the fear arises not because of the fact that the person is at a considerable distance from land, and because of his belief in the inability to control their own reflexes: you may feel dizzy, weakened hands and, as a consequence, inevitably fall into the abyss.


Some experts argue that the feeling of this kind – it is natural for humans. It was a necessary sense of self-preservation in those distant times, when our ancestors hunted mammoths. Indeed, to come close to the abyss it was very dangerous – so the instinct is strongly confirmed their desire to stay away from potential threats. From the point of view of this group of experts, the modern people who are afraid of heights, simply implements the instinct of the hunter. However, there is a very tangible disadvantage of this theory: he never explains ways to get rid of phobias.

There is another important factor that, again according to the experts, has clinical confirmation: most of acrophobes weak vestibular apparatus. That is, to put it simply, the fears are not groundless! If people with a weak vestibular apparatus is at a considerable height, he can really feel the dizziness, nausea and collapse into the abyss – even if he wasn't acroform. The conclusion: not all people with a weak vestibular apparatus afraid of heights, but all acrophobe have a weak vestibular system.

In this regard, and treatment of this phobia takes a certain period of time and is performed in several stages. At the first stage it is recommended to conduct activities to strengthen the vestibular apparatus. This is the turntables, rocking, carrying out simple exercises on the balance beam – in General, everything that each had done at school in physical education classes.

The second stage – dealing with the fear. Now you need to teach the patient to recognize symptoms of fear and quickly switch. Not too soon to achieve the results – for the impatient more satisfactory effect is given drugs. But this method has a great advantage: it does not harm the patient and stays with him for life. The coach teaches acrophobia the relaxation techniques, learn to keep under control all this emotion.

The third stage: the formation of blocking unpleasant emotions arise in a situation of real danger of provoking fear. For example, a psychotherapist together with the patient rises to a specific floor of the house, stay on which causes acrophobia panic attacks. At this point he needs to "enable" learning a relaxation technique and do not let fear provoke unpleasant physiological symptoms.

At the last stage, the acquired skills are fixed in stressful situations. Summary of classes – full control of their emotions, sense of security in all situations.

Sometimes the question arises, is it really necessary to treat acrophobia, if it is quite natural and so widespread among people? Yes, a valid reasonable fear of heights can be considered normal for all humanity – indeed, it can be classified as instinctual, as babies have not yet acquired a social disease, also fear of movement where there is projected a distance from the floor. However, fear differs significantly from phobias. Reasonable fear protects and mobilizes – phobia imprisons and disorder. Therefore it is better to get rid of this disease and to enjoy life – even in flight!

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