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The brain has two hemispheres: the left one is responsible for the logic, the right one is working with the images. The left hemisphere works with consciousness, and the right hemisphere works with the subconscious. They can be trained to work together, but for most people, connections between the hemispheres are very badly developed.

Mankind is losing a lot. After all, the subconscious minds remember every second of life, recycles a huge amount of information and, like the left hemisphere, sends reports to the human brain.

Another thing is that these reports are not always taken into account, as the day consciousness blocks the subconscious. The time when this lock is removed is the time of sleep. Only in a dream people use information from both the consciousness and the subconscious, and in equal and full measure. All conclusions and reports of the subconscious are "delivered" as dreams.

Great help to man. Who, waking up, does not even remember his dreams, except that seen on the border between sleep and awakening. But usually, especially important are the dreams seen right after midnight and dreamed about 2-4 hours. The fact is that consciousness does not like superfluous information, if it does not seem vital to it, it is not used. In addition, the messages of the subconscious mind are not clear, because the language of the subconscious is images and sensations, not logic.

Sometimes people start to harry repeated dreams or dreams - variations on one theme. Hence, the subconscious has managed to convey to the knowledge that there is a problem. But it can not say something like: "Man, your problem is this, to fix everything, you have to change this in real life and this way." It can communicate this through sleep, and often remains misunderstood. And then will either sort out the images, or again and again send one until it is understood, or the problem will already lose value. And the more disturbing the subconscious, the less chance for a person to get a normal sleep.

Consciousness and subconsciousness are in contact with each other very badly. But a person can take a piece of work into their own hands. You need to learn to remember and interpret your dreams. When a person starts to keep a diary of dreams, the mind gets an absolutely clear and understandable message: "I want to remember my dreams, because their analysis and information will help me to better solve my life problems and improve life in general."

The more "serious" the mind, the harder it is to remember dreams, but even those people who are sure that they do not dream anything, the diary of dreams does not remain empty for long.

There is a diary of four parts.

1. The base part: the place seen in the dream, and also the approximate time of sleep (how important it is).

2. Sensations, emotions, which this dream caused, objects, persons, actions. It is also fixed that they ate - they drank before going to bed: even a dream, which occurred at "important" time, for example, at four in the morning, a nightmare, can only be a response to heavy food.

3. Interpretation - associations, personal interpretation, I dreamed similar before and when, with what was connected. You do not need to use ready-made dream books, in the course of time a person will have his dream book, not an example of more reliable, based only on personal associations. There is also a note of the mood on awakening, the conclusions are made both on the basis of sleep and on real sensations.

4. Category. Dreams are divided into three types. The physical will make it clear about the state of health. Mental - the "ethical" type, assesses the correctness of actions in reality. Spiritual type - here we are talking about whether a person has chosen the right path in life and other similar issues. None of the types is more "important", it only shows from what point of view the interpretation of the dream.

Usually people find that deciphering dreams is not just a useful, but also an exciting activity. Besides, often dreams can push to something else: thus, the creativity of the writer G. F. Lovecraft is almost entirely based on his dreams.

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