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• Scientists from the University of Massachusetts conducted an interesting experiment, during which they found that people in a group photo ( with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.) is perceived as more attractive than in the photo where he is alone. The participants of the experiment were evaluated by women and men in the group photo above, than the same people cut from the overall scene a group photo. To exclude emotions, people who participated in the experiment, a group photo was assembled from individual photo.


And even on such glued collages of human faces was more attractive than on a single photo.

• In 2010, a group of German scientists conducted an interesting experiment during which it became clear, what will happen if you lose on the streets of Berlin 300 purses, and was based on the data of the owner. Just returned 43% of purses, however this percentage is highly depended on what was inside the purse. And so, the owners sent 80% of the wallets that had the picture of the baby, 51% with photo, family pet , 40% with a family photograph, 20% of which was depicted an elderly couple, and only 10% where there was no photo.

• Scientists have found an interesting fact that a man usually says "I you was 7 partners", attributing thus + 4 - 3 partner. Just men this intimate question their own motivation. Women to have many partners is considered not a plus , although for men it is rather a plus than a minus. Therefore, the memory memorizes the number of different partners, but in fact it remains virtually the same.

• Scientists who conducted many tests to women aged 18 to 55 found that they have 45 seconds to assess the man, whom they see for the first time. They spend 10 seconds on his figure , 8 seconds on the eyes, 7 seconds, the hair, 10 seconds they look at the chin and lips, 5 seconds – on the width of his shoulders. And the last 5 seconds she spends to see whether he has on a hand a wedding ring, but in that case if its all staged.

• 60% of our communication with the opposite sex is not by words but by our body language, gestures . All our gestures , starting with the addition of the feet and ending with head tilt, it gives the other person understand you hear what he says or the conversation you're not interested. Knowledge of human gesticulation will help you in relationships with each other, especially at the beginning of their origin , and in the future if all goes . Showing sympathy , the woman standing with a man face to face, trying, as if by accident, touching hair, smiling and looking directly into the partner's eyes, maintaining eye contact. The same signs of interest in the interlocutor, the woman can show a man. If they both use the same set of gestures , it means that they are both each other cute, and between them is a flirtation . It is also very important in what tone are you talking to your partner. Approximately 40% of your relationship to the person depends on the tone of voice, words in this case are given only 8% of the information.

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