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6878979The history of modern Network and has not for a quarter of a century, but the technological revolution of the 90-ies so quickly implemented it in everyday life, it seems that it has always been, especially given the number of people who can not imagine without its existence.

Internet addiction, like any other addiction, doesn't require much time to distort the perception of the world, but irreversible cases are extremely rare and to restore the old forms of thought often enough to perform simple psychological adjustment the following examples.

Analysis of productivity

Before to normalize the use of the Internet, you need to understand as you work with him. In order not to experience problems with the change of devices, take a sheet of paper or a notebook and list each of your actions with a computer or smartphone and be sure to specify its total duration if it exceeds a few minutes, while the shorter and pointless it is, the more necessary it commit.

The compilation of successive transcripts will require the exposure of a chess player, but you don't miss any moves. Don't ignore anything, otherwise the picture will be incomplete: write down what you have checked mail, texted with friends on social networks, looking through photos and put the huskies, read the blog, with a message "How are you?", feeding animals on a virtual farm, chatting on Skype, again spread with someone messages, while pigs again did not want to eat – specify everything.

The resulting report is likely to show the huge number of empty actions like continually checking the personal messages, and unprofitable framestrata processes. Based on the resulting data, you can calculate the usefulness of your work, causing you find that you have uttered half a day, but absolutely can not remember, and spent several hours on funny pics and pustolovine article. Of course, in this case, the Internet only replaces the methods of maintaining psychological health, that is, to communicate and to have fun you would have in real life, exerting more effort, however, with this inept use of electronic means of interaction with information rassredotochit attention and distracts from clear objectives, making a huge amount of time burns without any benefit. Be demanding and underline in the list of those actions that did not satisfy or was pointless to see the face of the enemy, and then calculate how many hours it cost you.

Specification of computer

Fertile ground for the development of any addiction is lack of concentration and disorganization. When a tool does not communicate with its intended purpose, it can cause a failure in the perception of impersonating a need, such as the Internet, as a means of interacting with the information loses its original essence if his goal abstrahierte and has no meaning, and can turn into a routine. In other words, hardly awake, after Breakfast, you are in a hurry to run through the sites with a purpose, and because used. Sometimes this habit comes to the so-called Internet sapping, who is addicted to television, when people mindlessly squander page, pondering their contents.

Before you start working with the Internet, plan what you will do and how much. At this stage, your goal is to minimize wasted action, the rejection of futile work and the shift towards a clear goal, therefore, it is necessary to overcome moments of stupor, breaking attention, and to avoid filling the free time mechanical unthought. Ask yourself from time to time what you are doing and why, and if you can't answer, take a break and focus on this idea, this approach rethinks the role of information tool in your life, the need for which, as it turned out, greatly exaggerated.

The redistribution time

Once dependence has compromised himself and is in doubt, it should cause a direct impact. Still you hands were tied, but now that you have assessed yourself and understand the reasons for their behavior, you have the opportunity to break the established course of things.

Make a schedule of leisure activities. Let's say you have 6 free hours you usually spend on the Internet. Cut off from this 30 minutes and dedicate them walking or household duties, as long as you used them in the real world, not a virtual one. Such a concession is not big enough to shake dependence at the same time, it allows you to move the focus from the computer to adapt to the reality, even if you have to overcome yourself. When this is a 30-minute pause will become a habit and you learn to accept it not as duty, but as a small boycott of their weakness, increase it another half hour and so on.

Before that happens, go back to the work plan and adjust it if necessary. Focus on one lesson and not be distracted by others. Imagine that you are programmed to one, maximum two tasks. You can listen to music when reading a book or article, but do not be distracted by surfing the web or social network. In the future, you can afford anything, but now you need to rebuild the thinking in vain of multitasking on effective odnozadachnist without the distraction of other things. Take in a minimum of time range at least half an hour, not to any desire to every five minutes to quit watching movies and check your private messages, and gradually increase it to appropriate value, for example, until one and a half hours required to see the films.

All this is necessary to ensure that in the end you regained the power over time, which shamelessly wasting addiction, and dispose of it at their discretion. The Internet is a wonderful tool for communication, entertainment and education, but after the research done your leisure to find that you did not know how to use it. From a psychological point of view (but not health) in the virtual world you can spend several hours without any harm, which you need to achieve a certain exposure and properly allocate priorities, and then the world wide web, with its impressive capabilities will be a true friend and a good helper.


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