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barA man should feel like a man. In addition to external successes and professionalism, he must also feel his heroism. Just a physical need to be a hero and a support. Why men often either work on wear, or lie on the couches. All this is the result of wrong relationships in families. And our beloved women are not to blame for this. They are simply not taught in schools how to be wives. Therefore, men, we ourselves have to think about themselves.

A plan of life is needed. You can not hit the target if it's not there. You can not achieve harmony without moving towards harmony. Life has the ability to destroy everything with the years. If the house is not repaired periodically, it will fall very quickly. Therefore, if we do not make plans to improve our state of health, both material and spiritual, it will certainly worsen.

Sit down, take a piece of paper or open a laptop and write out a plan for the day. How much you will rest, how much to work, how much time you will give to your family, how much to your health, how many will simply help people and how much you will develop spiritually.

Selecting a small amount of time for each of the items, you will see how your life becomes complete and harmonious. There is a strong desire to eat, to sleep longer. You will be left feeling empty, lack of taste for life and futility of the future.

Also, dear men, do not hesitate to tell your family directly what you expect of her and what annoys you. It is not necessary to reproach everyone, but it is necessary to talk. Once a day, just tell your wife that you want a clean shirt today, a hot borsch and a little bit of her warmth. She, of course, understands this, but she can roll around, run and just forget about it, if the chief half a day sawed her for not handed over the report.

If we have a clear plan and say at once what we like and what does not, we will avoid many difficulties. And it's not that the wife and children can not remember our desires. The fact is that we change every day. This happens so unnoticed for us, that sometimes we do not understand how our relatives do not see this.

I have not changed since yesterday, but I have changed in 20 years. Most likely, has cardinally changed. And that our people are not insane, it is better to tell them about our internal changes every day. And every day will be a step to harmony.



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