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89879As a child, a child is constantly told about the benefits of work. Parents, teachers, grandparents tirelessly tell various proverbs and sayings, talk about the benefits of teaching, that laziness is bad. However, the child grows up, goes to school, the time comes for the first test, but instead of getting ready for it, he just sits and watches TV, and the next day gets a deuce. It would seem that everyone understands that in order to become successful, one must either be born in a well-to-do family or work hard and improve oneself. But often during a session or a blockage at work a person just sits and does nothing.

This phenomenon is called procrastination, that is, the art of postponing all things "for later". It is necessary to recognize that people are not alone in this, animals also love this business. They call this shifted activity. It appears when the animal is faced with a difficult choice due to two equivalent, but opposite motivations. When an animal can not decide what to do, it simply does something ordinary. Similar things happen to people. But people are conscious beings. Why does this happen and how to live with it?

Some scientists believe that society is not well aware of the consequences of the permanent postponement of cases. An experiment was conducted in which scientists asked the subjects to present themselves in the present, the future and in the role of some celebrity. At this time, the activity of the brain was regulated by MRI. It turned out that when people thought of themselves in the present tense, they had active parts of the brain, and when they represented themselves in the future or in the role of an outsider, others were active. Our brain is poorly represented by the fact that after a long procrastination, a lot of cases will still have to be solved by ourselves.

It is better to imagine your further actions and try to bring your image closer to reality. This will help to connect the future with the present, and it will become a little easier to sit down for work.

Too many thoughts

It can not be said that the habit of thinking a lot is a negative quality. But to achieve the goal, probably, only thoughts alone will not be enough. There are many people who did not like their way of life. They did not complain about it, but tried to change something. Sometimes they had to give up everything: work, study, move to another city, because it did not allow them to reach the summit. For example, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire. In 2004, he dropped out at the university, he studied at the Faculty of Psychology, but realized that it was not his, and began to engage in programming. In 2010, his fortune was estimated at $ 6.9 billion. At the moment, he has about 33 billion. Perhaps we would never have learned about such a social network as Facebook, if in 2004 it had not made its first step on the way to a dream.



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