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6 навыков, которым вы должны научиться, чтобы стать более успешными

A very important skill to learn, to acquire new knowledge, to get rid of bad habits, to develop. This process lasts a lifetime. Below are the skills that will help you improve performance, become more harmonious personality.

1. Learn to take a compliment.

You work very hard and a lot. You have honed your skills to perfection. You know, when did the job perfectly and quietly proud of yourself. But as soon as someone makes a compliment, you can't connect two words.

You start:

• something "subnet" under his breath;
• to deny their contribution;
• completely suspended.

All this has to stop. Here are the simple steps that will teach you how to act right when you say a compliment:

1. Realize that someone tells you a compliment;
2. Do not interrupt the interlocutor, let him finish;
3. Shut up, don't interrupt;
4. Take a deep breath;
5. Smile and say "Thanks, good to hear."
6. Switch the conversation to another topic. Don't go into the details and explanations. Ask the interlocutor, how did it work, etc.

Why is it so hard to do? According to studies, 70% of people associate the acceptance of their merits with discomfort and confusion.

Remember that when someone tells you a compliment, he reports on how your actions or behaviour has affected him. But he does not ask you whether you agree with it or not.

2. Learn to speak in public

Almost all people are afraid of public speaking. This fear even has its own name - glossophobia.
When a lot of eyes are turned towards you, a large number of people listen to your speech-this causes stress and discomfort for any person. It seems that any mistake or imperfection will increase thousands of times.

You, of course, understand how resilient people are who are able to overcome this fear. These are real leaders who can inspire other people.

There are several ways in which you can overcome the fear of public speaking:

• First, do not memorize your speech by heart. Highlight a few key points and key sayings. So, you will feel more free during the performance. Write it down on paper and look at it from time to time.

• Secondly, you must understand that everyone wants you to be successful in your speech. You do not go to battle. All people in front of you are interested in what you tell them. Many of them also suffer from glossophobia. But in general they are friendly, treat them like your friends.

• Thirdly, it is important to take a correct, confident pose. The body language, gestures and postures that we take give appropriate signals to the brain. They in turn evoke in us some or other sensations. Straighten up, look straightforwardly, stand on both feet. Feel yourself naturally confident.

3. Learn how to work with numbers

It is very important to be able to work with figures, make plans, reports, read graphs and diagrams. This skill can only be acquired in practice. Start by studying the key indicators of your work. Study the reports compiled at the end of the month. The more you practice, the more familiar this information will become to you. This will allow you to become an expert in your work.

4. Learning to accept criticism

The ability to accept constructive criticism is not given to all people. Most people perceive it negatively. But it is constructive criticism that points to our mistakes, allows them to correct and develop further.

Criticism on the part of superiors or colleagues will help you become better in your work. But most often criticism forces us to defend ourselves. This is a natural process of self-defense.
Therefore, it is very important to approach the criticism consciously. It should be silently listened, written down some moments and asked questions of the interlocutor.

5. Learn how to express criticism

Many people try to avoid criticizing their colleagues directly in the eyes. In fact, it is very difficult. But if you look at criticism as an opportunity to develop, then you give your colleagues a chance to correct mistakes.

Do not smooth the corners or walk around the bush. It is important to express everything directly and in essence.

If it's difficult for you to be straightforward, then you can use this phrase: "Oleg, what you do does not work, does not bring proper results. Let's think why ... "

Criticism is important to fuel an example of a situation that occurred recently. If you tell a worker that he is not professionally behaving with colleagues, then you need to give an example of a specific situation. It is necessary to explain what this behavior can lead to, and how to fix everything.

6. To be able to recognize mistakes

The ability to recognize that you are wrong is inherent in successful people, strong personalities. It is important not only to recognize your mistakes, but also to correct them immediately. After all, they can affect other people.

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