Article for women

Причины, по которым мужчины исчезают после первого свиданияQuite often there is a situation where the girl is already desperate to find her soul mate, the one and only one, because until now she was not satisfied with something in the former guys. And suddenly in some blessed social network she is written by HE, that same intelligent, attentive, intelligent and beautiful. The one about whom she dreamed so much. They begin to communicate, converge. The girl in perplexity, how she lived without him. She is happy, her eyes shine with happiness and love. And here he appoints the first date in some nice place and finally conquers her heart. Her prince promises to call her, they say goodbye. But a week passes, the second, and he never called, did not even write.

An important principle in relationships with men is not to love too much. We understand that sometimes it is not easy to cope with yourself. But let's think together, what is the reason that a woman sometimes behaves unreasonably, losing her head from love.

At the first meeting, a man has a sexual attraction to a woman - this he calls "spark", "love at first sight", in fact it is a powerful release of testosterone into the blood. It is clear that you will not grow on this deep affection. Genuine feelings arise later. When a man wants a woman, he uses all sorts of seductive tricks - says what she wants to hear, treats her as she wishes.

Men always fight, compete, fight for leadership. Normal men, of course, not weaklings. In my heart everyone wants a little, but to take part in a real war and become a hero, because even an adult man at heart remains a boy. But since you can not fight, then they realize their aggressiveness in sports, in business (which is also a risk and competition), in disputes. A man seeks leadership.

He can suppress the weak, but the strong enemy respects and values.

Unfortunately, not every person has a real Big love ending with a wedding ...

Calling things by their proper names, one should admit: a considerable number of decisions about the creation of a family are taken with a minimum of love feelings.


Some women feel a married man a mile from him, but many will not be able to distinguish carefully the conspiratorial husband from a free young man. For many women, a relationship with a married man becomes a real shock. There are many examples where a girl in love learns about the marriage of her boyfriend after a long period of relationship. That's why it's important to determine a married man in time, so that later it does not become a surprise.

“Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm; for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave; the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.”

Song of Solomon 8:6


Variants of jealousy infinite set. The consequences are also very diverse: it can strengthen existing love, replace it with hatred or kill at all, leaving behind only indifference. It is believed that jealousy is associated with love, but how? - that is the question.

Family happiness does not depend on the age of the spouses ?

It is interesting to observe how changing the fabric of society: a thing of the past beliefs, has long seemed immutable, and the phenomena that once shocked people today are familiar. For example, Russian sociologists have concluded that over the last decade significantly increased the number of families between spouses is a big difference in age.

And if before, is mostly found in the variant when the man is much older than his half, now there are cases when a woman exceeds the years of his elect.

If we had the opportunity to look into the innermost corners of the human soul, we would probably see how strong in everyone is the need not only to be loved, but also to experience love and this love for someone to give. We would see how much love lurks within each of us and to what extent this love in many cases remains unclaimed. How it is offensive, when it seems that our love - the most valuable thing that we have - is not needed. Why is this happening? Let's make a little digression into the depths of human relationships and try to find the reasons.