Some women feel a married man a mile from him, but many will not be able to distinguish carefully the conspiratorial husband from a free young man. For many women, a relationship with a married man becomes a real shock. There are many examples where a girl in love learns about the marriage of her boyfriend after a long period of relationship. That's why it's important to determine a married man in time, so that later it does not become a surprise.

Do not think about the ring on your finger, as a symbol of a happy and long marriage. Often, the traitors simply remove the engagement ring, as they consider it to be the only evidence that the man is married. For example, many men who are away from their wives simply pull together an engagement ring to meet other girls. It is necessary to pay attention not to the ring, but to the tracks from it on the ring finger. A slight abrasion or redness may indicate the presence of an engagement ring. Perhaps, the trace was left from the previous marriage, but it is worth considering this seriously.

The second sign of a married man is a stamp in his passport. However, not every man will immediately poke his document to acquaint you with it. It is worth noting that the lack of a seal about marriage does not yet indicate that a man has no relationship with another woman.

If a man does not spend time with you on a day off or on holidays, then this is an occasion to reflect on his marital status. If you do not see him often on big holidays, then this may indicate that he already has his own family.

A bad sign may be that a man refuses to invite you to his home. In this case, there may be two variants of events: either the man is already married, or simply does not seriously consider your relationship.

A man always invites you to a meeting in the uninhabited places. This means that he is afraid of being seen by friends or his wife. Direct evidence that he is either embarrassed or afraid to be declassified by his lawful wife.

In a relationship with a man, one must constantly be on the alert, especially if this relationship lasts less than a week.

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