Men always fight, compete, fight for leadership. Normal men, of course, not weaklings. In my heart everyone wants a little, but to take part in a real war and become a hero, because even an adult man at heart remains a boy. But since you can not fight, then they realize their aggressiveness in sports, in business (which is also a risk and competition), in disputes. A man seeks leadership.

He can suppress the weak, but the strong enemy respects and values.

The relationship between a man and a woman is also a constant struggle. From the side it may seem that the loving couple have peace and grace and they coo as doves. But here, too, an inconspicuous rivalry - who is in charge? - occurs even in small things.

Remember the ancient custom, when the groom and the bride enter their future home after the wedding - whoever comes first on the threshold will be the one in the family. And experienced mothers taught their daughters that they would not be lost and quickly the husband stepped on the threshold. That is, even in the old days there was competition, although even then there was a patriarchal way of life. And now even more so. So you have to make it clear to yourself that with your partner you will always compete, for as long as you are together. It would seem that there can be a rivalry between a man and a woman, they are also halves of one whole? But no, not exactly. The question "who is in charge?" Will always accompany your relationship with men. Of course, this is not a rivalry in the literal sense. Here, everyone just defends their rights and at the same time requires certain benefits and concessions.

To achieve the respect of a man, never give him the palm of primacy without a fight, defend your independence and demand respect for your rights. Men always prefer a strong partner to the weak, even if they really want to win. In the fight against a strong partner, the man is asserting himself and looks even stronger. So learn to be a worthy partner. The more you gain your rights, the more he will appreciate and respect you.

This is the general principle of your relationship, and as for a specific problem, never let the man slip any negative or negative remark in your address and immediately parry the blow, but not according to the principle: "Itself is a fool," but logically.

For example, a man allowed himself to snub about your statement on a topic: "What do you understand about this?". Prove to him not only that you know him as well as he does, but that he sometimes judges some Things are very superficial. But do not use abusive language in any way.

Do not ever let anyone abuse you badly, just put the abuser back in place, even if it's your favorite. Calmly and firmly say: "You will never repeat such words again (you will not do this). I will not let you treat me like this. If you do not take this into account, blame yourself. I'm not going to put up with this state of affairs. " Do not be afraid to offend him, the man never takes offense at such words; on the contrary, he will respect you even more.

If your partner is not a fool, he will understand that you are right, and henceforth will not argue with you or doubt your rightness. And with a fool in general it is better not to have business, such a life partner you do not need, even if he is a handsome man. By "fool" is meant not a man of low intellect, but a stubborn, limited, not subject to reassurance by logical arguments. What makes a fool different from smart? A clever person can recognize himself as a fool, if you manage to convince him of this (which is unlikely), a fool will never admit it, even if you crumble into a cake. He is firmly convinced that he is always and in everything right and that he is intelligent. Why? Yes, because a fool!

And in general with a foolish man, we would not advise you to deal with. He feels himself inferior, hence his anger towards the whole world and the desire to assert himself by any means. A man with complexes is always a bad companion in life. He does not like himself and spreads his negative attitude to others.

Every day, tirelessly educate your own self-esteem and self-confidence. Learn to defend your rights and demand, insist on your own, if you are sure that you are right. Learn and deny if this in any way infringes your interests, if you can not or do not want to fulfill someone's request.

Never please and do not try to adapt to circumstances to the detriment of your interests and desires or if it provokes internal resistance and contradicts your principles. This does not mean that you do not need to be flexible. However, flexibility is a tactical move that allows a woman to find a compromise in a difficult situation, but only to still turn the situation into a favorable channel for herself. You have to be cunning and flexible, but do not sulk and do not adjust yourself to the detriment of yourself.

Ability to behave with dignity is the most important quality in a woman. Unfortunately, rarely found in our compatriots. No matter how you evaluate yourself, never let a man guess what you are complexing. You are unique and unrepeatable - this you must understand yourself firmly. Your appearance has absolutely no significance. If you value yourself highly - you will also be evaluated by others.

Some women with low self-esteem seek solace in love and believe that they will find understanding and warmth in their partner. They give the beloved all the soul, all tenderness, but they do not know how to put themselves to the proper height and in the end are disappointed and unhappy. Life is a struggle for your rights, including in relationships with your loved one, do not forget this!

Never support a love story in which you are not on equal terms, when you are manipulated, used by you, and even less humiliated. Make your lover reckon with you, frankly talking and firmly insisting on respect for your rights, or refuse to communicate with such a person. Humiliating, unequal relations will not give you anything, except grief, resentment, hurt pride and loss of self-esteem. A person without self-esteem is a great object for general use, a kind of scapegoat. You can be a very kind and soft woman, while looking for people in return kindness, participation and understanding, but you will hardly find it if you do not respect yourself and will not achieve respect from others.

In any situation, actively look for an outlet, switch to another. Do not focus on your troubles and negative emotions, look for an outlet. You offended beloved, changed, abandoned? Take a ticket for any next flight and fly to another city, buy a ticket to the resort, where you can unwind and relax. Return with renewed strength and in a good mood and reconsider your relationship with your beloved - is it worth it to suffer and forgive him all? You still have everything ahead, no matter how old you are, at any age you can arrange your life.

The change of scenery and new impressions are a wonderful remedy for many amorous disappointments.

Everyone in this world copes with everything himself. Support for others is also needed, even necessary. But only you yourself can open new horizons in life, find your way, solve your problems and realize your opportunities. Even a psychiatrist will not do anything for you if you are passive. He will help you, will prompt, support, direct, and in free navigation you will be guided already. It is impossible to envisage all everyday situations that you may have, but to teach you to properly assess them and adequately respond to troubles and vital adversities - a professional can. But only with your active desire and desire to work on yourself. This is more training, not ready-made recipes for all occasions.

Working on yourself, you can really improve your self-esteem. In any case, try to always achieve the intended goal, systematically and consistently. Set yourself a real and achievable task that you can do (but evaluate them objectively, without minimizing your capabilities!), Outline a clear plan of action and force yourself to follow it, even if sometimes you get spleen, laziness, and unbelief in your own strength. Dismiss your thoughts that you will not succeed. It turns out! It is not possible only for those who do nothing. He who wants to, does, and who does not want, he seeks excuses.

Believe in yourself, in your abilities - this is half the success in any endeavor. You are the very person who can and must change himself and his life. No one will give you a "wand-wand" and will not solve your problems for you - neither the witch, nor the Most High, nor your girlfriend, nor your parents, nor your close friend.


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