At the first meeting, a man has a sexual attraction to a woman - this he calls "spark", "love at first sight", in fact it is a powerful release of testosterone into the blood. It is clear that you will not grow on this deep affection. Genuine feelings arise later. When a man wants a woman, he uses all sorts of seductive tricks - says what she wants to hear, treats her as she wishes.

Scowling a trusting woman with her charms, he creates her confidence that she is loved (in fact, she is still just welcome). But, having achieved the desired, he loses interest in the one that he so recently desired. A woman is offended by this behavior. She regards intimacy as the apogee of love. She still has an unpleasant sludge in her soul, as if she was being used. It is sad, to some extent it is - the man used it to relieve sexual tension.

A man can "get" by seeing an erotic photograph or scene in a movie, a flashed piece of a naked body in the cut of a stranger's clothes, beautiful legs or breasts, and from many other things that are designated by the word "release" (external stimuli causing sexual arousal). Excitement is accompanied by an erection, which after a while passes. But it happens that a man remains excited for quite a long time. When he is in an excited state, he needs a physiological discharge. In this case, it will suit any woman who is close by. She may be a constant partner or girl, for whom he is only courting, but maybe the one he sees for the first time.

Male cunning men know that the cynical proposal: "Should we not sleep with us?" - shock and repel any self-respecting woman, and therefore use the whole arsenal of seduction tricks.

What does a man-eager man do to achieve what he wants? Exactly what most women regard as infatuation, love and even love: he says compliments and various cute stupidities with an erotic background, admits to love. And he skillfully combines words with action: he hugs, kisses, caresses, so that the partner also feels sexual arousal.

In the life of every man, there have been cases when he sought in sex only pleasure or even just a discharge of sexual tension, a woman more in need of an emotional aspect of intimate relationships. Kisses, embraces and caresses of a man she regards as an expression of his feelings. That's why women are disappointed when a man immediately loses interest after a sexual intercourse. He can get up and leave, leaving indifferent: "Bye!", Without even bothering to take the partner's phone number; Or may promise to call, but will not call; Or can call in two weeks, having come back with three boxes, that he was very busy (in fact, he did not even think of her, and only remembered when he "once again").

A rare woman will not respond to the ardent embrace of a man who likes her. And a rare woman will not feel the fire of desire. But for her this is not just sex - in the first place are the feelings that she feels for a man. If a man is indifferent to him, then his arms and kisses are unpleasant to her.

Romantic confessions, many men use only at the stage of seduction. Some cynical representatives of the stronger sex say that beautiful words are needed only to drag a woman into bed, and after that tenderness is no longer necessary.

If this is the case with your partner, know that he does not like you. Simply, he uses a typically male device: gentle words, confessions of love - just a necessary prelude to sex. Women want to hear them, and men say it to them. But only until the "intima" or during it.

The behavior of a man in bed and outside of it can be strikingly different: in an intimate setting, he is affectionate, affectionate, says the words of love, but it's worth the time for the sex session to end - it seems to have been replaced. He just whispered: "My God, I'm fine with you! You are the most desirable, the most beloved woman in the world! "- and now he stands by the window and smokes, cold and indifferent, completely alien. If the one who was "most desired" five minutes ago turns to him, expecting affectionate words, he looks at her with perplexity, say, but who are you and what do you want from me ?!

In a similar situation are many women. It seems that in her life there is a man - and at the same time he is not. He appears when he wants, and she waits for weeks to ring him. When he comes, everything is fine. He says that he loves her and that he was very bored, but was so busy that there was not a single free minute. But he constantly thought about her, remembered and yearned. A woman believes everything that says beloved.

The man loves the eyes, and the woman with the ears! The more beautiful words a man says, the stronger a woman falls in love with him. And thus does not even think that the words of the beloved disagree with his actions. If he was so homesick, then why did he not find the opportunity to see each other? There are no cases that can not be postponed, postponed. He who loves can neglect even important things to see his beloved. Yes, there it is! In the name of love, men commit heroic deeds! And here - some trivial excuses: "I was very busy", "There was not a single free minute ..." Well, let's say, he really was busy, but at least you can call! And besides, things happen in the daytime. But there are evenings, nights. Yes there is no such work until late at night and without days off!

It can not be denied that work for a man has a priority. But a loving man gives himself to his favorite work not to the detriment of his beloved woman. If he knows that she is bored and is looking forward to it, can not he find an opportunity to meet? But most importantly, a loving self wants to see your beloved!

A man in love is very inventive and will find time, even when there is absolutely no time! Lovely women! When a man disappears for two weeks, and then says that he could not even call because he did not have a single free minute, do not believe it! Did he go to the toilet? Lunch, dinner, supper? So, I could have found the time to call. He did not call because he did not want to, because he was busy with something (not at work at all!), That he was more interested in communicating with you-for example, he drank beer with friends, went to a sports match, was at a restaurant with another A woman or a friend at a birthday party.

Men catch gullible women, knowing how the words of love act on them. Say he: "I love you!" - and the woman is melting. But there is no love! This is just a sexual attraction, in a simplified form - the combination of the male sex hormone testosterone and the so-called Tarkhanov phenomenon - accumulated semen presses on the walls of the seminiferous tubules and requires sexual discharge (you forgive for the earthiness). Primitive sexual attraction can be taken for love, if you call it the most beautiful words, but - alas! - This is not love. In such cases, "I love you" means "I want you", and sometimes even more cynically - "I want sex."

Love is first of all spiritual closeness, emotional attraction, a state where one can not live without one another, you want to be with your loved one every second, to live his life, his problems and cares, to accept him as he is, with all his shortcomings and Merits, this respect for each other's rights, empathy, unity of the soul, finally. And occasional meetings are not love, it's just a sexual discharge. But how often does a woman's desire to be loved puts her blind eye to her, and she does not see what seems to be visible to the naked eye!

"You are what I thought of you, what I dreamed about," - about this is how a beloved woman of her lover perceives. She really is in love, because a woman can fall in love with anyone, if she creates the illusion that she is loved and desired! How often do banal phrases about sublime love take for true love - in fact a woman loves ears! The serpent-tempter in the image of a man whispers sweet words to her, wounds with three boxes, and she believes and melted.

This does not mean that all men who admit to a woman in love, in fact, feel to her only a sexual attraction. There are also those who really have sincere and deep feelings. Without a doubt, a true loving man also experiences a sexual attraction to the beloved, but not only.
A sane person can not put his life in dependence on someone: I can live with him, but without him. Losing a loved one is a tragedy, but not the end of life.

When life is "fixated" on one person, and besides it there are no interests, it is not love. It is addiction.

Love is when there is an invisible connection between two people. They so need each other that they use every free minute, at least in order to hear the voice of their beloved.

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