Причины, по которым мужчины исчезают после первого свиданияQuite often there is a situation where the girl is already desperate to find her soul mate, the one and only one, because until now she was not satisfied with something in the former guys. And suddenly in some blessed social network she is written by HE, that same intelligent, attentive, intelligent and beautiful. The one about whom she dreamed so much. They begin to communicate, converge. The girl in perplexity, how she lived without him. She is happy, her eyes shine with happiness and love. And here he appoints the first date in some nice place and finally conquers her heart. Her prince promises to call her, they say goodbye. But a week passes, the second, and he never called, did not even write.

What happened? After all, in her presentation the meeting was perfect. What's wrong with her? What did he not like about him? The main thing is not to get upset and with a sober head to try to figure out the situation.

A common reason - a guy dreams of a supermodel, secretly imagines that on the other side of the monitor sits some Monica Bellucci. And then the usual girl from the district is declared for the meeting. This is not the fault of the girl, and the whole problem is the infantilism of the guy who has not yet removed the rose-colored glasses.

Another common reason for the disappearance of a gentleman after a date is the girl's excessive sociability. Remember, the girl is very important modesty and mystery. Do not throw out on him the tub of the details of his life and his problems. He wants to see a beautiful stranger, not a bazaar grandmother.

The next repellent guys feature is obsession. Girls should not be too much in a man's life. Have patience and let him take the initiative for the next meeting. He will be frightened off by her plans for the future, related to their life together, which she herself has drawn.

Going on a date, the guy probably imagined an intimacy with a girl from the social network. He was sure that she would be offended if he allowed himself something extra, whether it was a touch or a kiss. But his ideas suddenly broke up. She starts to build a guy's eyes and hint at something about which he is even afraid to stammer. It is only natural that the guy will disappear after such an onslaught.

If you do not want a failed meeting, do not try to please your knight in a fraudulent way. This begins with the fact that you can show him not your picture or, for example, lying with three boxes about their abilities or interests, just to get to meet the guy. So do not be surprised if he is clearly disappointed to see not quite what he expected. Understand, anyway, the truth will come out, and you will look in a very unattractive light. Is it not better to wait for someone who will accept and love you for who you are?

The first date ended with nothing? Well, rejoice, then you did not waste precious time not on your man. Be yourself, and your man will find you.



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