For women, characterized by the following features:
1. Greater development of the unconscious sphere;
2.Such mental processes like attention span, concrete and practical thinking, a tendency to synthetic thinking, less arbitrary associations, unity, and emotional representations;
3. The passivity of the senses, emotion, mood instability, cheerfulness, jealousy;
4. Weakness of will and poor control of emotions;
5. Easy excitability;
6. In speech and communication - expressive movements, gestures, voice; the gift of gab and penchant for repetition of the question;
7. More vanity (seen in coquetry, love of jewelry);
8. Inability to originaldatabase (this explains otsutstviya nukei in the art,oncogenesis can be a good popularizers of science and imitators in the art);
9. Yielding to the influence of others;
10. Success as Actresses and singers (due to emotional expressiveness);
11. Failure to political activities.
Thus, a woman's vocation is not to create, a to be the hope of the society of a womanly woman.

Men, consequently, tend opposite characteristics: analytical thinking, ability to focus, strong will, short speech, etc.

Currently in the domestic science gender psychology is only beginning to develop.

More emotional show women: they have higher levels of anxiety, greater relevance of emotion to interpersonal relationships, greater sensitivity to negative life events of friends and family, more frequent depression, and greater brightness of positive emotions, absence of shyness in the demonstration of emotional reactions, more non-verbal expression according to the emotional state and greater accuracy of decoding nonverbal emotional signals of others. Boys and men are characterized by emotional restraint, but sometimes men are superior to women on the emotional. Basically, it refers to negative emotions such as anger, contempt and disgust. You can talk about the existence of gender typical "male" and "female" emotion for men is anger and for women sadness and fear